What is a Wikipedia info box?

What is a Wikipedia info box?

On wikis, an infobox is a table used to collect and present a subset of information about its subject, such as a document. It is a structured document containing a set of attribute–value pairs, and in Wikipedia represents a summary of information about the subject of an article.

What is an info box?

A space on an annotated overlay, mosaic, map, etc., which is used for identification, reference, and scale information.

How do you edit a infobox on Wikipedia?

There are no changes to how you use an infobox on an article — instead, the changes affect how it is written on a template page. Fandom considers use of Portable Infoboxes to be standard for their communities, and safe and stable for common practical use.

How do I delete infobox?

The same way you’d delete a page, assuming you’re an admin. Well, if it’s a template, you can delete the template page. If you mean how do you remove it from a page where you edited it in, then just edit it out. I have the same problem, I deleted the page but when I choose infobox I can see the page.

How do I delete an infobox template?

In terms of deleting, if you are the founder, content moderator, or admin of that wiki, you could go to the template’s page, click the dropdown menu next to the pencil edit icon, and there should be an option that says “Delete”. Clicking it will successfully remove the template from the wiki.

What is an info box in Monday com?

Info Box collects all of the important details of your item, from files and images to comments and Q&As. Every item on your board has an Info Box, where you can upload all of your important files and relevant information! Keep reading this article to learn about everything you can do with the Info Boxes!

How do I use infobox?

To do this, click to edit the page, then click on the infobox. This will bring up a small box that includes the name of the infobox. Click on this box, and you’ll get a list of the possible variables you can fill out for the infobox. Edit these variables, then hit Apply changes.

How do you create an information box?

How to Create a Message Box?

  1. Step 1: Open Up Notepad. Open up notepad on your computer.
  2. Step 2: Editing Your Message Box. To choose the types of buttons or how you want your message box to look like change the number in between the commas.
  3. Step 3: Saving Your Message Box.
  4. Step 4: Testing Your Message Box.
  5. Step 5: Some Tips.

How do I add a infobox to my fandom?

How do I change the infobox image in Wikipedia?

Click Save Changes and add an edit summary of ‘added an infobox’….Adding an image

  1. Click Edit to access the Visual Editor once more.
  2. Place the cursor where you want the image to appear on the page.
  3. Click the Insert dropdown menu (circled in green above) and select Media from the list of options.

How do I change a picture on Wikipedia?

Many image editing programs will allow you to compress images for the web.

  1. Go to Wiki. Select the Wiki tool from the Tool Menu of your site.
  2. Click Edit. Zoom.
  3. Select the Image icon in the editor toolbar.
  4. Select the image from Resources. Zoom.
  5. Or, upload the file. Zoom.
  6. Click Continue. Zoom.
  7. Preview content.
  8. Click Save.