What is an Article 15-6 investigation?

What is an Article 15-6 investigation?

Army Regulation 15-6, Procedures for Investigating Officers and Boards of Officers, outlines the requirements for officers who have been selected by an appointing authority to conduct fact finding on a specific regulation or standard that has been violated.

Can NCOS be investigating officers?

o Authorizes the appointment of noncommissioned officers in the grade of E-7, or higher, as investigating officers under certain circumstances (para 2-3b). o Provides additional guidance on appointing assistant investigating officers (paras 2-3c and 5-1).

Who is the approval authority for informal LODS in the Army Reserve?

appointing authority
For informal LOD investigations (to include assigned mobilized USAR and ARNG Soldiers prior to DEMOB), the appointing authority is also the approving authority.

How long can a military investigation last?

If on the other hand a military investigation is being handled by the branch specific military law enforcement, those investigations can last a few months, up to several months, and even as far as over a year depending upon the nature of the allegation.

How long does an Army investigation take?

Investigations can take a week or they can take 18 to 24 months. Our office has seen at least two particularly long investigations. One was 14 months long, and another was over 18 months long.

Who is responsible for initiating the LOD determination?

2. INITIATION OF IN-LOD DETERMINATION a. Request for in-LOD Determination. (1) Unless already initiated by a member’s command, the RC Service member or, if she or he is unable, a designated representative or the Military Service concerned, will initiate the request for an in-LOD determination.

How do you get a Lod in the army?

A military hospital or clinic can verify your eligibility for LOD care. Call the Air Force Reserve Command toll-free at 1-888-577- 2561, option “3” from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm ET, Monday – Friday. Your full Social Security number is required to verify eligibility.