What is another word for one after another?

What is another word for one after another?

What is another word for one after the other?

straight consecutive
one after another end-to-end
subsequent later
next subsequential
after continual

What is the best synonym for endless?


  • boundless.
  • ceaseless.
  • constant.
  • continual.
  • continuous.
  • countless.
  • eternal.
  • incessant.

What you mean by endless?

1 : being or seeming to be without end an endless speech. 2 : extremely numerous all the multiplied, endless, nameless iniquities— Edmund Burke. 3 : joined at the ends an endless chain.

What does sequential order mean?

The definition of sequential is things in consecutive or logical order, or is following a certain prescribed order. If there is a three part process and the steps must be done in a certain logical order, this is an example of the steps of the process being sequential. adjective.

What are some examples of sequential order?

Students could write a sequential order paragraph by listing the steps for grooming a horse. An example for writing a consecutive order paragraph could be telling about Calvin Borsel. Borsel is a horse who won 3 out of 4 consecutive Kentucky Derbys.

What is something that seems endless?

Endless things are infinite — your love for someone might be endless, and the mathematical symbol of infinity represents an endless number. You’re most likely to use this adjective to describe things that only seem to last forever, like an endless meeting at work or an endless commute during rush hour.

What is the prefix of endless?

Infinite describes things that are endless, like the universe, or your uncle’s corny jokes. Finite means “relating to something with an end,” and when you add the prefix in-, meaning “not,” you get infinite: having to do with something that never, ever ends.

What is an example of endless?

adjective. 1. The definition of endless is continuing forever, or lasting for a very long time. An example of endless is eternity. An example of endless is continual problems; endless problems.

Are there any synonyms for the word endlessly?

Synonyms for endlessly include all the time, constantly, perpetually, unremittingly, continually, continuously, incessantly, interminably, always and ceaselessly

Which is the best synonym for one after another?

in sequence. one after another. orderly. sequential. succeeding.

Is there a free dictionary for one after another?

Free thesaurus definition of one after another from the Macmillan English Dictionary – a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Education.