What is apple Core Graphics?

What is apple Core Graphics?

Core Graphics is Apple’s vector drawing framework. It’s a big, powerful application programming interface (API) with many tools to master and cool features like @IBDesignable and @IBInspectable . By the end, you’ll be able to create stunning graphics for your apps.

What is Core Graphics in Swift?

Swift Core Graphics. Harness the power of Quartz technology to perform lightweight 2D rendering with high-fidelity output. Handle path-based drawing, anti-aliased rendering, gradients, images, color management, PDF documents, and more.

Does Core Graphics use GPU?

Core Gra p hics uses the CPU for rendering , while Core Animation uses the GPU. The first two techniques I covered in Part 1 used Core Graphics extensively (hence the high CPU utilization).

Does Core Graphics use metal?

With both OS X and iOS, Apple is making use of Metal internally as well. As we mentioned previously, both Core Graphics and Core Animation have received a Metal rendering backend, allowing two of OS X’s fundamental graphics subsystems to draw right to Metal.

What is Apple quartz?

In Apple’s macOS operating system, Quartz is the Quartz 2D and Quartz Compositor part of the Core Graphics framework. Quartz includes both a 2D renderer in Core Graphics and the composition engine that sends instructions to the graphics card.

What is IBDesignable and IBInspectable?

IBDesignable is user defined run time. Mean that if any IBDesignable view is rendered on the storyboard, you will find the view and change the value of the IBInspectable property, this will directly reflect on the storyboard without running the app. IBInspectable is run time property, this works as key coding value.

How does UIKit render views on the screen?

UIKit and Pixels. Each view in UIKit has its own CALayer . In turn, this layer (normally) has a backing store, which is pixel bitmap, a bit like an image. This backing store is what actually gets rendered onto the display.

What are metal Apps?

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What is the metal framework?

The Metal framework supports GPU-accelerated advanced 3D graphics rendering and data-parallel computation workloads. The framework is designed to achieve two different goals: 3D graphics rendering and parallel computations. These two things have a lot in common.

What kind of graphics do you use in iOS?

Providing high-quality graphics not only makes your app look good, but it also makes your app look like a natural extension to the rest of the system. iOS provides two primary paths for creating high-quality graphics in your system: OpenGL or native rendering using Quartz, Core Animation, and UIKit. This document describes native rendering.

What does core graphics do on a Mac?

In macOS, Core Graphics also includes services for working with display hardware, low-level user input events, and the windowing system. The basic type for floating-point scalar values in Core Graphics and related frameworks. A structure that contains a point in a two-dimensional coordinate system.

What do you use the Core Graphics framework for?

The Core Graphics framework is based on the Quartz advanced drawing engine. It provides low-level, lightweight 2D rendering with unmatched output fidelity. You use this framework to handle path-based drawing, transformations, color management, offscreen rendering, patterns, gradients and shadings, image data management, image creation, and

How is Core Animation used in iOS apps?

Core Animation provides the underlying support for animating changes in many UIKit view propertiesand can also be used to implement custom animations. This chapter provides an overview of the drawing process for iOS apps, along with specific drawing techniques for each of the supported drawing technologies.