What is Aruba support portal?

What is Aruba support portal?

Aruba Support Portal v4. 1 includes enhancements to Online RMA, Partner and License Management Videos, License Management and minor UI refinements. Please review the Feature Preview . Manage Devices & Contracts. Log into ASP to add your devices and contracts, enabling you to access software relevant to your network.

How do I contact Aruba support?

Contact Support

Support Contacts
North America
North America 1-800-943-4526 (US & Canada Toll-Free Number) +1-650-750-0350 (Backup – Toll Number)
South America
Argentina: 0 800 444 7867 0800-055-6405

What is Aruba Foundation care?

Foundation Care provides essential support entitlements, a range of flexible options for hardware replacement, and is the gateway service that allows you access to additional support services such as Aruba Customer Engineering, Aruba Pro Care, and Professional Services.

How do I download my Aruba license?

Use your system’s serial number to obtain a software license key from the Aruba Software License Management website: (see Obtaining a Software License Key) . Navigate to the Configuration > Network > Controller > System Settings page of the ArubaOS WebUI and select the License tab.

What is Aruba?

Aruba is an island that lies southwest of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea, some 50 miles (80 km) northwest of Curaçao and 18 miles (29 km) north of the Venezuelan peninsula of Paraguaná.

What is Aruba Activate?

Aruba Activate is a cloud-based service that helps provision your Aruba devices and maintain your inventory. For network administrators with experience deploying Aruba infrastructure, installing and configuring one or two individual APs is a relatively simple and straightforward process.

Where is Aruba Networks located?

Aruba Networks is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., and has sales and support offices throughout North and South America, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific Rim countries.

Where are Aruba switches manufactured?

The manufacturing facility of the company, which currently builds mostly in China, will initially cater to the domestic demand before it is scaled up to also serve global markets, he said.

How do I install my Aruba controller License?

Log in to your controller’s WebUI. Navigate to the Configuration > Network > Controller > System Settings page and select the License tab. Copy the software license key, from your email, and paste it into the Add New License Key field. Click Add.

How do I check my Aruba controller License?

Enter the software license key via the controller’s WebUI; navigate to Configuration > Network > Controller > System Settings page and select the License tab.

What is Aruba known for?

North of Venezuela, the island of Aruba is famous for its stunning blonde beaches, wind-sculpted desert landscapes, and some of the best wreck diving in the Caribbean. Aruba is a relatively dry island with consistently fine weather.

What is Aruba used for?

The Aruba Instant On mobile app lets you configure and monitor your network from anywhere, whether that’s your sofa or a cafe. Having immediate management access to the Wi-Fi is helpful in a number of situations.

What do you need to know about Aruba support portal?

Aruba Support Portal (ASP) Introducing Aruba’s premium online support portal. The intuitive design allows you to engage with Aruba’s product team to share ideas and suggest new product enhancements. ASP is your one stop-shop for all product, release notes and deployment guide needs.

Where can I find the documentation for Aruba clearpass?

On the Aruba Support Portal’s Software and Documents page, filter for Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager 6.9 Release Notes The AirHeads Community ClearPass documentation page for the full ClearPass documentation and resource library

When does Aruba Support Center ( ASC ) transition to the ASP?

Aruba Support Center (ASC) has Transitioned to the Aruba Support Portal as of November 30, 2020 Please find all of your Security & Product notifications, Software downloads, and Documentation on the Aruba Support Portal(ASP).

What does Aruba do for a small business?

Aruba Support Services are designed to help you manage day-to-day IT operational tasks and free up resources to help your business stay ahead of the competition. Different levels of support are offered based on your business needs and network complexity.