What is Bravada Smart Trak?

What is Bravada Smart Trak?

Called SmartTrack, it automatically switches between 2WD and 4WD as needed. On the Envoy, the Autotrac 4WD does the same but can be locked out or locked into a low setting for off-roading. Interior. Like its GMC twin, the Bravada is only available with four doors. It comes with front leather bucket seats.

When did they stop making Oldsmobile bravadas?

The last Bravada, the number 500, rolled off the assembly line on January 12, 2004. The Bravada bodyshell was continued by its joint replacements, the 2004-2007 Buick Rainier and the 2005-2009 Saab 9-7X—the latter of which remained in production until December 2008.

Did Oldsmobile ever make a truck?

Through the years, the Oldsmobile truck line models had direct competition from Chevrolet and GMC truck line products. Throughout my research for this story, I have found that Oldsmobile trucks were manufactured in 1904-1908, 1918 -1924 and 1936-1939. A 1919 Oldsmobile Economy Truck that was turned into a fire truck.

Did Oldsmobile make a muscle car?

Though the Pontiac GTO was known as the first muscle car to hit the market, the Oldsmobile 442 was released the same year. This might not make a big name as the GTO, but it was also a well-equipped car with reserved styling. The name came from four on the floor, four-barrel carburetor, and dual exhaust.

Is Oldsmobile a Chevy?

Oldsmobile became a part of General Motors in 1908. Competitive with both Chevrolet and Ford, Oldsmobile’s Cutlass series became the best-selling car in the United States in 1976. General Motors shut down Oldsmobile in 2004 because of its unprofitability.

What did the 1996 Oldsmobile Bravada look like?

The 1996 and 1997 models’ body featured more rounded lines than their predecessor. This generation Bravada could easily be distinguished from the Chevrolet Blazer and GMC Jimmy by its Oldsmobile-styled body-colored split grille, premium alloy wheels, and lower bodyside cladding. Standard fare included a driver’s airbag and daytime running lamps.

How does the smarttrak system on a Bravada work?

The SmartTrak system now featured the computer controlled NP-136 transfer case, which works more like traction control. The Bravada was now run in RWD in normal operations, and only when wheel slip was detected did the SmartTrak engage AWD.

When did the Oldsmobile Bravada get disc brakes?

In 1997, 4-wheel anti-lock disc brakes became standard and the rear spoiler was deleted. As with the previous generation, the Oldsmobile Bravada was available only in 4-door, 5-passenger configuration. Another refresh occurred in 1998, with the Bravada adopting Oldsmobile’s new (and final) version of the “rocket” emblem.

How many miles per gallon does an Oldsmobile Bravada get?

The third generation Bravada EPA city/highway averaged 15 miles per US gallon (16 L/100 km; 18 mpg‑imp)/21 miles per US gallon (11 L/100 km; 25 mpg‑imp).