What is English word mugdha?

What is English word mugdha?

/mantra mugdha/ fascinated adjective. If you are fascinated, you are extremely interested by something. I sat on the stairs and watched. I was fascinated.

What is the meaning of Mugdha Mugdha?

The meaning of the name “Mugdha” is: “Tender; innocent”. Categories: Hindi Names, Hindu Names, Indian Names, Sanskrit Names. Used in: Hindi speaking countries. Origins: Sanskrit.

What is meant by Aalinganam?

Aalinganam ( transl. Embrace) is a 1976 Indian Malayalam-language film, directed by I. V.

What is POHA called in Marathi?

Beaten Rice or Flattened rice is known by various names across the Indian subcontinent like Poha in Hindi and Marathi, Chind in Bengali, Atukulu in Telugu, Aval in Malayalam and Tamil, Avalakki in Kannada etc.

How do you pronounce the name mugdha?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Mugdha. m-uu-g-dh-aa. MUWOW-JHD-aa. Mug-dha. mugdha.
  2. Meanings for Mugdha.
  3. Translations of Mugdha. Hindi : मुग्‍धा

What is the noun for Embrace?

embracement \ im-​ˈbrās-​mənt \ noun. embracer noun.

What is Avalakki in English?

Flattened rice is a breakfast staple in South Asia where it is known as poha, pauwa, chira, or aval among many other names.

What is the English meaning of POHA?

पोहे (pohe) – Meaning in English पोहे सहसा धानापासून तयार करतात. Poha, also known as pauwa, chira, or aval, Bajil among many other names, is flattened rice originating from the Indian subcontinent.

Is Embraceful a word?


Is Embracer a word?

A person who embraces. A person guilty of embracery; an embraceor.

Is Avalakki good for weight loss?

“Poha is very low in calories. It has about 76.9% of carbohydrates and 23% fat, which makes it one of the most ideal choices for weight loss.

Is Avalakki good for diabetes?

– The fibre-rich flattened rice effectively prevents several lifestyle diseases. Diabetic people can include aval in their daily diet as it promotes a slower release of sugar into the bloodstream.