What is ePSA diagnostic?

What is ePSA diagnostic?

The ePSA diagnostics (also known as system diagnostics) performs a complete check of your hardware. The ePSA is embedded with the BIOS and is launched by the BIOS internally.

What does Dell ePSA stand for?

Enhanced Pre-Boot System Assessment
Dell has a suite of self-diagnostics that is built into Notebooks, Desktops, Servers, and Windows-based Tablets. These are called the Dell SupportAssist Enhanced Pre-Boot System Assessment (SupportAssist ePSA), Dell Enhanced Pre-Boot System Assessment (ePSA), or Dell Pre-Boot System Assessment (PSA) Diagnostics.

How do I boot into Dell diagnostics?

Turn on the Dell computer. At the Dell logo screen, press F12 key several times to enter One-time Boot Menu. Use the arrow keys to select Diagnostics and press the Enter key on the keyboard. Follow the on-screen prompts and respond appropriately to complete the diagnostics.

Where do I find my Dell error code?

Printer Error codes You can locate the user’s guide, browse to the Identify your product either by entering your Printer Service Tag or click Browse all products. Touch or click the hyperlink next to the User’s Guide.

How long does a pre-Boot System Assessment take?

This test typically takes 1 hour or more and requires you to answer questions periodically. Tests a specific device. You can customize the tests you want to run.

How do I disable Dell ePSA pre-boot system assessment?

Press Esc key to stop ePSA and click Exit to safely exit ePSA diagnostics and reboot the PC.

What is Dell pre-boot system performance check?

The Dell SupportAssist Pre-boot System Performance Check diagnostics is embedded with the BIOS and is launched by the BIOS internally. The embedded system diagnostics provides a set of options for particular devices or device groups allowing you to: Run tests automatically or in an interactive mode. Repeat tests.

What is pre-Boot System Assessment Dell?

The computer runs the Pre-boot System Assessment, a series of initial tests of your system board, keyboard, hard drive, and display. During the assessment, answer any questions that appear. If a failure is detected, the computer stops and beeps.

How do I run diagnostics on Windows 10 F12?

Power down your computer if not already powered down and wait at least 10 seconds before powering it back up. Hold F12 while powering up your computer (at the Dell BIOS screen). Select boot from CD/DVD or from USB respectively. Run the extended diagnostics and tests.

What does pre boot system performance check mean?

What does EPSA diagnostic error code 2000-0142 mean?

The ePSA diagnostic error code 2000-0142 implies that the hard disk drive (HDD) self-test was unsuccessful. In layman’s terms, the 2000-0142 error code means that the test failed to read information off your computer’s hard disk drive.

How to check for an EPSA error code?

1 Update to the latest BIOS. 2 Check the logs, the fan and for any other signs of overheating. 3 Inspect the computer for clogged or obstructed air vents. 4 Repeat the PSA diagnostics. 5 When the diagnostics still results in an error code, visit our ePSA online tool. You can get more information about… More

When to use EPSA diagnostics on a computer?

When the computer cannot boot into the operating system (fully or not at all) or cannot access the Internet, use the ePSA diagnostics. The ePSA diagnostics test the hardware at a functional level before the operating system is loaded.

What does the Dell PSA diagnostic error code mean?

This PSA/ePSA diagnostic error code means that Dell PSA fails to read information from the hard drive and even indicates that your hard drive is failing or has failed. What are the reasons behind this error code?