What is Evo in Generator Rex?

What is Evo in Generator Rex?

An Exponentially Variegated Organism, abbreviated as EVO, is an organism that has had its intracellular-nanites activated.

Is Generator Rex complete?

Generator Rex is an American animated science fiction television series created by Man of Action for Cartoon Network, with John Fang of Cartoon Network Studios serving as supervising director. The series premiered in the United States on April 23, 2010 on Cartoon Network, and concluded on January 3, 2013. …

What happened to the consortium Generator Rex?

Endgame, Part 1 and 2 The group took their frustration out on Rex who they blamed for what went wrong, eventually combining into one EVO to fight him. Rex was saved from death only by the arrival of his allies. The Consortium used their powers to go on a rampage across the globe, crushing all opposition in their way.

Does Six get his memories back?

After a six month gap and Rex’s random disappearance, Six operated against Black Knight and the reformed Providence, all while trying to regain his memories. Black Knight was eventually defeated and Agent Six regained his position in Providence.

Who is the incurable Evo in Generator Rex?

Rex Salazar, an incurable EVO. An Exponentially Variegated Organism, abbreviated as EVO, is an organism that has had its intracellular- nanites activated. Five years prior to the start of the series, a massive explosion released nanites into the atmosphere, infecting every living thing on Earth.

How does Rex get rid of an Evo?

Strong magnets and ice are effective in pulling the EVO back together to be cured. These are EVOs whose nanites affect or have been affected by dormant traits in their genetics, resulting in unusual mutation patterns. For example, Rex met a small community of werewolf-like EVOs in Mexico.

How old is Rex Salazar from Generator Rex?

“Rex” has more than one use; if this is not what you have been searching for check Rex (disambiguation) for other articles. Rex Salazar is a 16-year-old, amnesiac EVO with the ability to grow weapons and machines out of his body at will. Prior to the Nanite Event, he was one of the initial recipients of a controlled batch of nanites.

How did Rex get back to his human form?

After sustaining heavy damage, Rex crashed into a building and reverted to his human form, forgetting everything that happened before he turned full EVO Six discovered the young boy beneath the wreckage and helped him to safety, not knowing that he was the EVO that had just attacked him.