What is GGSN and SGSN?

What is GGSN and SGSN?

A Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) is part of the core network that connects GSM-based 3G networks to the Internet. The GGSN, sometimes known as a wireless router, works in tandem with the Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN) to keep mobile users connected to the Internet and IP-based applications.

What is the full form of SGSN?

The Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN) is the node that is serving the MS/UE. The SGSN supports GPRS and/or UMTS. The SGSN keeps track of the location of an individual MS/UE and performs security functions and access control.

What is GGSN IP?

The Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) is a main component of the GPRS network. The GGSN is responsible for the interworking between the GPRS network and external packet switched networks, like the Internet and X. It allocates IP addresses to mobile users and last but not least, the GGSN is responsible for the billing.

What is GGSN?

The gateway GPRS support node (GGSN) converts the incoming data traffic coming from the mobile users through the Service gateway GPRS support node (SGSN) and forwards it to the relevant network, and vice versa. The GGSN and the SGSN together form the GPRS support nodes (GSN).

What is the interface between SGSN and GGSN in a GPRS network?

The BSS and the SGSN are connected by the Gb interface with Frame Relay. Within the same GPRS network, SGSNs/GGSNs are connected through the Gn Interface. When SGSN and GGSN are in different GPRS networks, they are interconnected via the Gp interface. The GGSN connects to the external networks through the Gi interface.

What is GPRS full form?

General Packet Radio Service is a packet-switching technology that enables data transfers through cellular networks. It is used for mobile internet, MMS and other data communications. Informally, GPRS is also called 2.5G.

What is meaning of G in 5G?

The “G” associated with cellular networks stands for generation. 5G is the fifth and newest generation of cellular network technology and it should expand the capacity for mobile networks, allowing more devices to use the network than ever before.

What is GGSN in LTE?

GGSN stands for Gateway GPRS Support Node and it is a network component that connects the GSM and UMTS mobile networks to external packet networks.

What is PDP address?

PDP stands for Packet Data Protocol. The PDP addresses are network layer addresses (Open Standards Interconnect [OSI] model Layer 3). GPRS systems support both X. 25 and IP network layer protocols. All packet data traffic sent from the public packet data network for the PDP address goes through the gateway (GGSN).

How does GGSN full form work in mobile network?

GGSN full form is GPRS support Node. A mobile network operator deploys GGSN, in-home PLMN as a gateway to provide internet service to a mobile subscriber. GGSN has access to the mobile subscriber data for GPRS. On the network side, GGSN has a GTP protocol-based interface towards the roaming network.

Is the SGSN the same as the MSC?

The SGSN and the MSC are often co-located. The SGSN is connected to the BSC. The SGSN is the service access point to the GPRS network for the mobile user. On the other side the SGSN relays the data between the SGSN and relevant GGSN (and vice versa).

How does SGSN work in a 2G network?

In a 2G network, the mobile device connects to BTS over a radio channel, BTS connects to BSC and BSC connects to SGSN ( and VLR too for voice). The protocol between BSC and SGSN is BSSMAP. In the 3G network, the mobile device connects to NodeB over a radio channel, NodeB connects to RNC and RNC connects to SGSN.

What is the role of SGSN in GPRS authentication?

The SGSN is also responsible for the authentication of GPRS mobiles. When the authentication is successful, the SGSN handles the registration of the mobile to the GPRS network and takes care of its mobility management.