What is Honda I DSI?

What is Honda I DSI?

The L12A, L13A and L15A use (Japanese: i-DSI), or “intelligent Dual & Sequential Ignition”. i-DSI utilizes two spark plugs per cylinder which fire at different intervals during the combustion process to achieve a more complete burn of the gasoline.

Is 2008 Honda Civic a good year?

The 2008 Honda Civic wins praise for performance and value, class-leading safety ratings, and a body style that stands out in from its competition. Reviews say its cabin is comfortable, though a few competitors offer more space or upscale styling.

Is Honda Civic 1.4 i VTEC?

The range starts with a 1.4 i-VTEC with 98bhp, that reaching 62mph in 13.4 seconds. Unsurprisingly that’s the slowest in the line-up, the rest of the range all largely clustered around the 10-second mark for the 0-62mph time and topping out at around 130mph (the 1.4 only managing 116mph).

What is the average of Honda Civic 2008?

2008 Honda Civic

Vehicle EPA Fuel Economy Annual Fuel Cost
29 MPG 26 34 combined city/hwy city hwy 3.4 gal/100 mi $1,750
2008 Honda Civic 1.8 L, 4 cyl, Automatic 5-spd, Regular Gasoline
29 MPG 25 36 combined city/hwy city hwy 3.4 gal/100 mi $1,750
2008 Honda Civic 2.0 L, 4 cyl, Manual 6-spd, Premium Gasoline

Which is better DSI or VTEC?

While VTEC is associated more with high-performance vehicles, i-DSI is more linked to compact cars that still need to have some power under the hood. Both technologies serve their own ends, and thus it is difficult to declare one technology as better than the next.

What is the difference between VTEC and iVTEC?

Intelligent Variable Timing (and lift) Electronically Controlled (iVTEC), is a system that combines VTEC and VTC into one unit. The VTEC part of the system allows valve overlap to be adjusted at any moment, resulting in much greater efficiency and slightly better performance. …

What generation is a 2008 Honda Civic?

eighth generation
The eighth generation Honda Civic is a range of compact cars (C-segment) manufactured by Honda between 2005 and 2012, replacing the seventh-generation Civic.

What is DSI engine?

The term iDSI stands for ‘Intelligent -Dual Sequential Ignition’ system. It is a type of ignition system designed & developed by Honda for its petrol engine cars. The i-DSI system consists of two spark plugs, instead of one in a conventional design, for each engine cylinder.

How much HP can a L15B7 handle?

The fuel system on Nick’s car is just about maxed out, but PRL Motorsports’ Pat Linn estimates the L15B7 could hold about 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque on stock internals with appropriate upgrades and tuning.