What is Kathleen lights real name?

What is Kathleen lights real name?

Kathleen Fuentes
Kathleen Lights — Kathleen Fuentes.

Does Kathleen lights have a kid?

I am a mom of 2 kids. I don’t share about certain people cause if I don’t trust them. I just keep that part of my life private and it annoys me when people assume. I talk all day long about my kids If I trust you and you’ll get to meet them too.

What ethnicity is Kathleenlights?

Fuentes, who is Cuban-American and based in Miami, launched her channel in 2013, and it has grown at a healthy pace ever since, nabbing 600,000 subscribers during her first two years on the platform. Fuentes, 26, shares beauty tips, tutorials, and product reviews.

What happened KL polish?

Over time, KL Polish has churned out a number of in-demand products while maintaining a large and loyal customer base. Per an announcement from Kathleen Lights on her YouTube channel, the brand is officially dissolving. Kathleen Lights and the other co-owners of the brand are parting ways.

How old is Kathleen Lighta?

29 years (January 27, 1992)
Kathleen Fuentes/Age

What happened to Kathleenlights and ColourPop?

ColourPop fans found a canceled Kathleen Lights collab hiding in one of its palettes. Fans discovered a pretty huge secret about Colourpop by scratching up its palettes only to find the brand seemingly had a collaboration with Kathleen Lights that never happened — and now some are suspecting shadiness is at play.

What did Kathleen lights do?

YouTuber Kathleen Lights said the N-word in a 2017 Snapchat video. She shared an apology via Instagram Tuesday after people started to boycott her nail-polish brand. Now, some members of the online beauty community say they aren’t fully convinced by the apology.

Who was Jaclyn Hill’s first husband?

Jon Hill

Jaclyn Hill
Personal information
Nationality American
Occupation YouTuber, entrepreneur
Spouse(s) Jon Hill ​ ​ ( m. 2009; div. 2018)​

Is ColourPop so jaded discontinued?

I started doing looks with the ColourPop So Jaded Palette in November and at that time it was still (surprisingly) available on the ColourPop website. As far as I can tell, it seems to be discontinued now.