What is mini-DTX motherboard?

What is mini-DTX motherboard?

Mini-DTX. DTX specifies length to be 8 inches with width varying from 6.7 to 9.6 inches. Mini-DTX specifically refers to DTX motherboards with a width of 6.7 inches. Compared to Micro-ATX, DTX has two less expansion slots. Maximum number of expansion slots is two (2)

What is mini-DTX VS Mini-ITX?

DTX is a shorter version of ATX and micro-ATX, and Mini-DTX is a slightly longer version of Mini-ITX. Mini-iTX can have only one expansion slot, whereas Mini-DTX has the same width and can have two expansion slots.

Will Mini-DTX fit in micro ATX case?

This is only a potential issue for a full-size DTX board—a mini-DTX design will fit within any mATX case I’m aware of. Now that we’ve established what DTX is and where AMD hopes it will succeed, let’s examine the actual hardware.

What is a DTX case?

The DTX is a shorter version of ATX and micro ATX. The mini DTX is slightly a more extended version for the mini ITX. The significant difference between a mini ITX and mini DTX lies in the fact that the mini ITX case comes with a single expansion slot, while the mini DTX case provides you with two expansion slots.

What does mini DTX stand for?

In telecommunications, DTX, which is short for discontinuous transmission, is a method used to increase the overall efficiency of two-way wireless voice communication. DTX motherboards are backward compatible with the ATX form factor, fitting into the same size cases, and utilizing the same 24-pin power connector.

What is the smallest gaming motherboard?

Best Mini ITX Motherboards 2021

Mini ITX Motherboards Socket Warranty
ASUS ROG Strix B550-I Gaming AMD AM4 AM4 3 years
MSI MPG B550I Gaming Edge WiFi Motherboard AM4 3 years
Gigabyte A520I AC Mother Board AM4 3 years
MSI MEG Z490I Unify Gaming Motherboard LGA 1200 3 years

Can a DTX motherboard fit in an ATX case?

DTX fits within the ATX outline and uses the same 6 mounting points as mini-ITX boards.

What is DTX?

Discontinuous transmission (DTX) is a method of momentarily powering-down, or muting, a mobile or portable wireless telephone set when there is no voice input to the set. In wireless transmitters, VAD is sometimes called voice-operated transmission ( VOX ).