What is Mobile Home feeder wire?

What is Mobile Home feeder wire?

The Mobile Home Feeder is a quadraplexed type USE-2/RHH/RHW-2 with Compact Stranded Aluminum Alloy conductors. Suitable for electrical connections in mobile homes for permanent wiring and contains superior weather, abrasion, crush, and sunlight-resistant XLPE insulation.

Does mobile home feeder need to be in conduit?

Conduit Wiring Method: All feeder conductors must be continuous in conduit from the main disconnect to a location under the home and wired directly into the distribution panel. Four Wire Underground Conductors: Feeder conductors must be approved for direct burial locations.

What kind of wire do you use for a mobile home?

In short, if you are looking at buying a used mobile home, make sure it has copper wiring. Electrical wiring in mobile homes built after 1971 is copper. Copper is the best to use when it comes to conductivity, reliability, and strength.

What is a feeder wire?

Main Feeder Wire, feeder conductors are conductors that are not service conductors and not branch circuit conductors. The definition of a feeder also includes the conductors from the source of a separately derived system. Other non-utility power supply source and the final branch-circuit overcurrent device.

Is mobile home feeder wire direct burial?

The cable is intended for the connection of mobile homes to a supply of electricity where permanent wiring is required as specified in the NEC. Suitable for direct burial in earth at conductor temperatures not to exceed 90C in wet or dry locations.

Can you direct bury Mobile Home feeder wire?

Can mobile home feeder be run indoors?

Registered. USE can not be run inside the building, but you can use underground direct bury just needs to be rated.

What’s the maximum voltage for a mobile home feeder cable?

Maximum operating temperature is not to exceed 90°C in wet and dry locations. Voltage rating is 600 volts. Aluminum Mobile Home Feeder cable has a compact strand soft drawn 8000 series aluminum conductor, per ASTM B-800 & B-801. Aluminum Mobile Home Feeder cable has a type USE2/RHH/RHW-2 cross linked polyethylene (XLP) insulation.

Can a 2-2-4 feeder be a 100 amp sub panel?

The area I work in has around 30 or so jurisdictions and all of them allow 2-2-2-4 Al to be a feeder for a sub panel rated at 100 AMPs. Never even knew it was an issue till I started hitting a few of these forums.

What kind of cable do I need for my mobile home?

Cut to length – sold by the foot. Enter the desired footage in the QTY box. Aluminum Mobile Home Feeder cable is designed for mobile homes as a service entrance cable. The cable is sunlight resistant and is approved for use in accordance with the recommendations of the National Electric Code in raceways and underground installations.

Is it legal to use a main feeder in a sub panel?

The words “main feeder” and “last overcurrent device” are two of the most debated phrases. That said, I DO use #2al for 100 amp feeders (to sub-panels) ALL the time. This is absolutely legal and common in my area.