What is Nathan Myhrvold doing now?

What is Nathan Myhrvold doing now?

Myhrvold is vice chairman of TerraPower, a spin-out of Intellectual Ventures that is developing a new kind of nuclear reactor, known as a traveling-wave reactor, that is designed to be safer, cheaper, and cleaner than current nuclear power plants.

How old is Nathan Myhrvold?

62 years (August 3, 1959)
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How rich is Nathan Myhrvold?

Nathan Myhrvold • Net Worth $700 Million • House • Yacht • Private Jet

Name: Nathan Paul Myhrvold
Source of Wealth: Microsoft
Born: August 3, 1959
Country: USA
Spouse: Rosemarie Havranek

How did Bill Gates describe the inventor Nathan Myhrvold?

Nathan Myhrvold is Bill Gates’s favorite geek. “I don’t know anyone I would say is smarter than Nathan,” Gates says. “He stands out even in the Microsoft environment.” But the thirty-seven-year-old Myhrvold, the chief technology officer of the company, is considerably more than a resident geek.

Is Intellectual Ventures a patent troll?

In total Myhrvold’s firm has acquired 95,000 patents and launched or been behind dozens of lawsuits, making it a giant patent troll. The nation’s top patent court has thrown out patents Intellectual Ventures has tried to assert against companies like Capital One.

How do I contact Nathan Myhrvold?

If this is a general request, please send an email to [email protected] and include the reason for the request.

Do Intellectual Ventures buy patents?

Intellectual Ventures is one of the top-five owners of U.S. patents, as of 2011. Its business model focuses on buying patents and aggregating those patents into a large patent portfolio and licensing these patents to third parties.

Is Nathan Myhrvold a patent troll?

In total Myhrvold’s firm has acquired 95,000 patents and launched or been behind dozens of lawsuits, making it a giant patent troll. This week a federal appeals court issued a ruling that will make it very difficult for Intellectual Ventures to assert a patent it had sued Ericsson for infringing.

How many patents does Intellectual Ventures have?

Intellectual Ventures has this horde of 35,000 patents — patents that, for a price, companies can use to defend themselves.

Is IV a patent troll?

The company has been described as the country’s largest and most notorious patent trolling company, the ultimate patent troll, and the most hated company in tech.

Who was the first Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft?

Microsoft purchased DSR in 1986 for $1.5M in stock. Myhrvold worked at Microsoft for 13 years in a variety of executive positions, culminating in his appointment as the company’s first chief technology officer in 1996. At Microsoft he founded Microsoft Research in 1991.

Who is the former vice president of Microsoft?

He joined Vista Equity Partners in 2006. 7) Robert Deshaies, EVP, Sage Business Solutions Pty Ltd. Former vice president of the Microsoft U.S. Partner Group, Deshaies found himself in the title-less, never-never land of focusing on an unspecified “key strategic initiative” within Microsoft in 2009.

Who are some of the people that left Microsoft?

Joining Redmond’s toughest rival in the online CRM space in May, Martinez became executive vice president of “Customers for Life.” Devenuti held the Microsoft Services job before Martinez. He left Microsoft in February 2007 after 19 years. 5) Bill Veghte, EVP, Hewlett-Packard Co.

Who are the execs that left Microsoft to join hp?

5) Bill Veghte, EVP, Hewlett-Packard Co. Another very senior Microsoft exec to leave after about two decades, Veghte joined HP in May as executive vice president of the Software & Solutions organization in the Enterprise Business at HP.