What is perfecto testing?

What is perfecto testing?

Perfecto is a cloud-based web and mobile app testing software designed to help businesses across various industry verticals, such as retail, banking, finance, insurance, media and entertainment, tech, and more, test applications on different operating systems and devices.

What is a Perfecto cigar?

A distinctive cigar shape that is closed at both ends, with a rounded head; usually with a bulge in the middle.

What are perfecto devices?

Perfecto fully supports Android and iOS phones, phablets, and tablets in the cloud for complete device coverage. You can test in interactive mode or even automate advanced scenarios that rely on device sensors and network connectivity for complete test automation coverage.

Is Perfecto open-source tool?

Perfecto’s platform delivers the automation you need and can’t get with open source — including codeless automation.

What type of tool is perfecto?

Perfecto isn’t just a mobile app testing tool. It’s a unified cloud platform for both your web AND mobile apps. Get 24/7 access to the platforms you need to test against from anywhere in the world.

What does Perfecto do for mobile app testing?

Perfecto provides teams with everything they need to develop, execute, and analyze mobile app testing — all from within our cloud-based test lab. Mobile app testing requires you to achieve a high level of automation. Testing frameworks, like Appium, allow you to scale automated test scripts with ease.

How long does it take to get Perfecto certification?

An instructor-led program includes 5 online sessions of 2 hours with a dedicated Perfecto expert. These sessions entail lecture, quizzes, assignments, and hands-on experience that can be completed offline. Participants are granted 30 hours of real device testing for training.

Do you need a license to use Perfecto?

Perfecto plans are licensed based on the number of parallel executions you need. If you are interested in one of our manual testing packages, then the number of licenses you need will depend on the number of users or testers you will need to have access to the platform at the same time.

What kind of testing can be done with Perfecto?

Bring automation to scenarios that usually demand manual tests, including: network virtualization, location, visual testing, authentication, audio/video, and more. Testing works from anywhere on any device with Perfecto’s cloud-based platform — locked down with enterprise-grade security.