What is SAP BO Web?

What is SAP BO Web?

SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence (WebI) is a web-based reporting and analysis tool. It provides an interactive way for you to analyze workforce-related data as part of the Washington Workforce Analytics (WWA) Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).

Is SAP BO a reporting tool?

SAP BusinessObjects BI or SAP BO, formally known as BOBJ, is an enterprise software solution that specializes in reporting and analytical business intelligence (BI). It comprises of various reporting applications that help the users to find data, conduct analytics, and generate reports.

What are SAP BO prompts?

A prompt is a dynamic filter in the form of a question that you’re asked each time you refresh a document. Each prompt is composed of a message, an operator and a object. You can either type or select a value from a list to answer a prompt.

What is a BO report?

Business Objects Reporting is a tool used by companies to collate and disseminate valuable information to employees or management to make key decisions. It is also used to provide intelligent information to people outside the organization, such as customers or vendors.

What is SAP BO administration?

SAP BusinessObjects (BO) is Business intelligence (BI) reporting tool, a part of SAP Product suite. This is a handy tool for business users for BI analytical and ad-hoc reporting. By using BO, business users can create basic, medium, and complex reports from transactional data in database to meet business requirements.

What are SAP reporting tools?

Reporting Tools in SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform

  • SAP Lumira.
  • SAP Crystal Reports.
  • SAP Design Studio.
  • MS Excel.
  • Analysis Office (OLAP)
  • Explorer.
  • Universe designer (IDT/UDT)
  • Web Intelligence.

How do I add a prompt in Bo report?

Create a prompt in the Webi query panel by dragging an object to the query filters section. Click the object options from the down arrow menu. The prompt text will be auto populated in the text box. You can customize the prompt text if required.

How do I create a prompt variant in WEBI?

The variant feature allows users to save frequently used prompts on a web intelligence report as variants. To use the created variant, when you open a new report, on the prompts screen, click the drop down arrow on the available prompts variant box and select the variant you created.

What does SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.2 exam measure?

This exam will measure the candidate’s knowledge of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.2, from the creation of queries and design of reports to the analysis of data and document sharing. This verifies that the candidate is able to implement this knowledge practically in projects under guidance of an experienced consultant.

How to prepare for the sap certification exam?

To ensure success, SAP recommends combining education courses and hands-on experience to prepare for your certification exam as questions will test your ability to apply the knowledge you have gained in training.

How many people need to register for SAP 3 to run?

Our 3 to RUN initiative empowers you to schedule our chosen classroom training course or virtual SAP Live Class on a date that suits you. You need at least three confirmed participants to register and SAP will add it to your schedule.