What is side stand indicator?

What is side stand indicator?

The side-stand detector includes an inductive sensor configured for attachment to the two-wheel vehicle to detect at least one position of the side stand; and a circuit connected to receive an output from the inductive sensor and to provide a signal that reflects the position of a side stand.

How does a side stand switch work?

The side stand switchs output is a small yet vital signal that needs to be monitored by the motorcycle’s ECM. When a gear is selected and the rider prepares to move away, the engine will automatically stall if the side stand is in the lowered position.

What is side stand engine inhibitor?

Side Stand Indicator with Engine Inhibitor NEW (a first in scooter segment) prevents engine start while the side stand is engaged enabling a convenient and carefree ride.

What is side stand engine cut off switch?

The side-stand cut-off system switches off the engine when the side stand is on. While some Indian OEMs have an indicator for the side-stand, KTM, Hero MotoCorp, TVS Motor Co and Honda have implemented such a kill switch in some of their products.

What is stand alarm in Scooty?

This is a safety measure that is intended to prevent one from riding away with the side stand still down. This prevents the rider as well the vehicle to lose the centre of gravity by imbalance or surface hindrance and thereby saves the rider from an accident.

Does Activa 125 have metal body?

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India had unveiled the new Activa 125, the company’s first BS6 two-wheeler with silent start, in June 2019. Honda Activa 125 BS6 gets full metal body. It will come with telescopic front suspension and 3-step adjustable rear suspension. There will be CBS (Combi-Brake System) with equalizer.

How do you turn off a kickstand sensor?

If you don’t have this on your bike, the vehicle will completely turn off while it’s in use. To do this, unplug the switch that is the kickstand safety switch. There will be two electrical tabs in this, stick a screwdriver in them to remove the wires from each side.

What is eSP technology in Honda?

Honda eSP Technology A performance accelerator to the Honda Eco Technology (HET) engine, Honda Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) technology optimizes energy output by maximizing efficient combustion and minimizing friction with a silent start & a smooth eco-friendly engine.

What is silent start with ACG?

The AC generator-equipped Idling Stop System features quiet starts. Honda developed an ACG (AC generator) starter-type Idling Stop System for the PCX—a first for a 125cc-class motorcycle and scooter*—in order to deliver comfortable operation even as Idling Stop is put to work frequently in city driving.

Are bike alarms worth it?

Why Buy A Motorcycle Alarm? Prevent theft. If you own a sports bike or any type of bike that you frequently ride around your neighborhood, then you should be aware that it’s a great target for thieves. Essentially, a bike with an alarm lock system is a theft deterrent.

Do you have to have the circuit on for side stand alerter?

So the circuit must be always ON and indicate the current status of stand.Though this arrangement was not liked by many, even if it helps in preventing accidents , it would be a better innovation.

Is there a side stand alarm on Scooties?

There are already side stand alarm or indicator available in many scooties and bikes. All you required is include ignition key in side stand circuit and the Engine will not crank if the Side stand is ON. So simple and cheaper.

Can a car start if the side stand is on?

And if you are stopping the vehicle to start if the side stand is on, then you are in trouble as most of the side stands have a problem or other and they are always in ON position (Spring problem etc). So if you are stopping the ignition then its not a good idea.

When does the side stand go back up?

@Ramkrishna Shekhar • 31 Oct, 2013 Currently the side-stands are normally off (i mean the side-stand goes back to up when pushed back) until a certain angle rotation.