What is technology transfer?

What is technology transfer?

Technology transfer (TT) refers to the process of conveying results stemming from scientific and technological research to the market place and to wider society, along with associated skills and procedures, and is as such an intrinsic part of the technological innovation process.

What are the 4 models of technology transfer?

Based on this model the transfer scope consists of four types of technologies: General knowledge, Specific knowledge, Hardware, and Behaviors. This model categorizes the transfer methods in the TT process as 1) Impersonal communication, 2) Personal communication, 3) Group interaction, and 4) Physical relocation.

What is academic technology transfer?

Academic technology transfer is the transferring of University derived innovation to the commercial sector for further development and/or exploitation with the ultimate goal being societal benefit.

How do you transfer to new technology?

However, some people point to six steps in the technology transfer process, these are:

  1. Invention disclosure.
  2. Evaluation.
  3. Patent application.
  4. Assessment and marketing.
  5. Patent licensing.
  6. Commercialisation.

What are types of technology transfer?

Types of technology transfer The lateral technology transfer occur when the technology is transferred from one location in a developing country to another location within the same country, while the vertical technology transfer occurs when technology is transferred from a developed country to a developing country.

What are the different types of technology transfer?

Forms of Technology Transfer

  • Scientific Dissemination – Sharing information with interested parties in government, industry, or academia.
  • Direct Application – Putting knowledge to work directly in the programs of the DOT or other agencies.

What is transfer of technology and its types?

Technology transfer can be broadly classified into vertical and horizontal technology transfer. 1. Vertical Technology Transfer– This chain of transfer includes basic research to applied research, applied research to development, and from development to production. It is also known as internal technology transfer.

Which is the best definition of Technology Transfer?

Markert’s (1993) definition of technology transfer is the most typical – she defined technology transfer as the development of a technology in one setting that is then transferred for use in another setting.

Is there a new model of Technology Transfer?

This implies that a new model of technology transfer should be developed that includes novel and macro viewpoints. Accordingly, this article will propose a new integrated model of technology transfer that reflects recipients’ perspectives by considering the key components for enhancing technology transfer.

What are the major issues of Technology Transfer?

The following are major issues that should be considered for efficient and effective technology transfer: conceptions of technology, technological activity and transfer, communication channels, factors affecting transfer, and models of transfer.

How is capacity transfer used in technology transfer?

The capacity transfer model emphasizes the transfer of knowledge, which provides recipients with the capability to design and produce a new technology on their own. These models were developed and used to make technology transfer successful.