What is the advantage of tubular A arms?

What is the advantage of tubular A arms?

Our friends at QA1 did an entire article on what makes tubular control arms an effective upgrade. It really comes down to three major benefits: Improved suspension geometry. New and better bushings and ball joints.

Are tubular control arms lighter?

Tubular control arms are stronger and often lighter than the conventional factory suspension components. Most aftermarket manufacturers also build tubular upper control arms with increased caster, which improves stability on a straightaway as well as upgrading your car’s cornering characteristics.

Do aftermarket control arms make a difference?

Aftermarket control arms often weigh less than OEM control arms, reducing unsprung suspension weight and improving ride quality. Aftermarket control arms can also accommodate replacement shocks that offer better all-around performance than OEM shocks.

What do better control arms do?

A BETTER HAMMER Aftermarket control arms sound fantastic, don’t they? And they really are. They solve a lot of alignment issues, add strength back into a system pushed to its limits, and make your tyres last longer. If that’s not enough, they can also increase off-road performance.

What does an aftermarket upper control arm do?

Upper control arms are found on independent front suspension (IFS) vehicles and generally connects the top of the spindle to the frame. The UCA is generally not a load bearing piece of an IFS suspension; rather, its purpose is to guide your spindle in a pre-determined motion when your suspension cycles up or down.

Do I need aftermarket upper control arms?

If you lift your 4WD, altering your vehicles geometry, then yes you will need adjustable upper control arms. An aftermarket control arm, when designed correctly like SuperPro 4×4 Control arms, will correct alignment and inherent clearance issues that arise when you lift or modify the suspension of your 4WD.