What is the answer to 42 on The Impossible Quiz?

What is the answer to 42 on The Impossible Quiz?

ccd==Explanation== The answer is the 42nd 42 (triva: this is a reference to the book “Hitchicker’s guide to the galaxy” that says that the answer for life, universe and everything is 42.)

What is the answer to 33 on The Impossible Quiz?

Impossible Quiz question 33 asks how many letters he is holding. And next to it is the drawing of a severed hand that contains nine letters. The choices are all four numbers from 7 to 10. The answer is 7 because the question is how many letters there are in the words in your hand.

What is the answer to 26 on The Impossible Quiz?

In the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, the question and the signs remain the same, but there are only four possible options instead of the original seven: “Germansweek”, “Arsefacey”, “Brown Willy” and “Hell Creek”. The answer is still “Arsefacey”. The original question as it appears in the Beta.

What is the answer to 45 on The Impossible Quiz?

The question uses the Windings font and says: “Potatoes fly”. The choices are “Indeed”, “WRONG”, “Why not?”, and “ROFL”. So the top right choice which says “WRONG” is the correct answer.

What is the answer for 34 on the impossible Quiz?

In order to proceed, you have to put your finger on the screen and hold it until the three elephants have gone inside the mouse hole.

What is the answer to question 32 on the impossible Quiz?

The answer is “Babycham and human faeces” because the “cham” in “Babycham” sounds like “sham”, and “faeces” is a synonym for “poo”. Put them together, and you’ve got the word “shampoo”.

What is the answer to 44 in the impossible quiz?

What you must do is to drag the pieces around and put them together to make the picture. The piece at the upper right is not movable, as it’s nailed to its spot. Once the puzzle has been built, it will form a message that reads “Click here” and an arrow pointing at a dot. Click there to proceed.