What is the biggest hospital in Surrey?

What is the biggest hospital in Surrey?

Royal Surrey County Hospital
Beds 520
Opened 1863

Which hospital is Sash?

East Surrey Hospital
We are the charity for East Surrey Hospital, Redhill and the care and services provided by Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (SASH) for people across Surrey and Sussex.

What trust does East Surrey Hospital come under?

Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust provides a comprehensive range of general and acute clinical services from East Surrey Hospital in Redhill, Surrey.

What hospitals are in Surrey?

These are:

  • Royal Surrey County hospital.
  • Haslemere hospital.
  • Milford hospital.
  • Cranleigh village hospital.
  • St Luke’s at Royal Surrey.
  • St Luke’s at East Surrey.
  • St Luke’s at Ashford.
  • St Luke’s at Frimley.

How many NHS hospitals are there in Surrey?

There are six main hospitals in Surrey, all of which have A & E departments (Accident and Emergency). If you have a life-threatening situation call 999 (British emergency services) or you can call the international number 112.

How many beds does Royal Surrey hospital have?

Royal Surrey County Hospital/Number of beds

Who runs East Surrey Hospital?

East Surrey Hospital is a National Health Service hospital in the Whitebushes area to the south of Redhill, in Surrey, England. It is managed by the Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.

What hospitals are in Guildford?

Hospitals near Guildford

  • B M I Mount Alvernia Hospital. Hospitals.
  • M W Kissin. Hospitals.
  • Dr Davies. Hospitals.
  • Farnham Road Hospital. Hospitals.
  • Surrey & Borders Partnership. Hospitals.
  • Guildford Radiology Group. Hospitals.
  • Nuffield Hospital Guildford Hospital. Hospitals.
  • Royal Surrey(Cedar Ctr)-Freestyle Libre. Hospitals.

How many NHS trusts are there in London?

223 trusts
All NHS hospitals are managed by acute, mental health, specialist or community trusts and as of October 2019 there were 223 trusts.