What is the current version of BREEAM?

What is the current version of BREEAM?

Version 6
The latest edition of BREEAM In-Use, Version 6, builds on this to keep encouraging and supporting the improvement of all buildings, wherever they are in their sustainability journey. Version 6 brings major improvements to BIU’s standards for commercial buildings and a brand-new offering tailored for residential assets.

What does BREEAM mean?

Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method
BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) is the world’s first sustainability rating scheme for the built environment and has contributed much to the strong focus in the UK on sustainability in building design, construction and use.

How many BREEAM certified buildings are there in the UK?

@BRE_BREEAM #BREEAM To date, we have 2.2 million buildings registered and have awarded well over 500,000 certificates.

How many buildings in the UK are BREEAM certified?

How popular is BREEAM? Today there are almost 550,000 BREEAM certified developments and almost 2,250,700 buildings have been registered for assessment.

When did BREEAM 2018 start?

7 March 2018
Timeframes. The consultation on the draft manual closed for comments on the 3rd November 2017. The launch date of the BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 scheme is 7 March 2018.

What is well v2?

The WELL Building Standard™ version 2 (WELL v2™) is a vehicle for buildings and organizations to deliver more thoughtful and intentional spaces that enhance human health and well-being.

Which is the best rating for a BREEAM building?

In this respect each BREEAM rating level broadly represents performance equivalent to: Outstanding: Less than top 1% of UK new non-domestic buildings (innovator) Excellent: Top 10% of UK new non-domestic buildings (best practice) Very Good: Top 25% of UK new non-domestic buildings…

What is the focus of the BREEAM issue?

The focus of this BREEAM issue is the performance of the building’s permanent domestic scale water consuming components. Where a greywater or rainwater system is specified, the yield from the system should be prioritised for such uses i.e. WC/Urinal flushing.

What does BREEAM mean in terms of sustainability?

BREEAM does this through third party certification of the assessment of an asset’s environmental, social and economic sustainability performance, using standards developed by BRE. This means BREEAM rated developments are more sustainable environments that enhance the well-being of the people who live and work in them,…

What does an unclassified BREEAM rating mean?

An unclassified BREEAM rating represents performance that is non-compliant with BREEAM, in terms of failing to meet either the BREEAM minimum standards of performance for key environmental issues or the overall threshold score required for formal BREEAM certification.