What is the duties of IT support technician?

What is the duties of IT support technician?

IT support technicians provide assistance to computer users by answering questions, resolving technical problems and maintaining a company’s network, software and computer equipment. They are also called desktop support technicians or computer support specialists.

What are the duties and responsibilities of IT support?

IT technical support officers monitor and maintain the computer systems and networks of an organisation. You will be installing and configuring computer systems, diagnosing hardware and software faults and solving technical and applications problems, either over the phone or in person.

What are the duties and responsibilities of information technology?

Information Technology Duties and Responsibilities

  • Administer network and data security, including directory, group policy, firewalls, virus protection, and email security.
  • Perform data backups to ensure all company-owned work is saved.
  • Install and update network system improvements.

What are the duties of the IT?

Here is a list of duties they may perform:

  • Install new software or hardware.
  • Research and procure IT hardware and supplies.
  • Participate in IT inventory asset management.
  • Assist in backup and recovery of digital assets.
  • Troubleshoot network issues.
  • Create work logs.
  • Process documentation.
  • Configure phone systems.

What are typical IT job responsibilities?

IT Specialist job duties and responsibilities Review diagnostics and assess the functionality and efficiency of systems. Implement security measures. Monitor security certificates and company compliance of requirements. Offer technical support to company staff and troubleshoot computer problems.

What are the duties of a technical support specialist?

Duties. Individuals working as technical specialists are responsible for analyzing and designing solutions to networking issues, providing technical support to other departments, as well as troubleshooting, diagnosing and solving issues with both hardware and software.

What are technical support responsibilities?

Typical Technical Support responsibilities include: Installation & configuration of a company’s computer hardware operating systems and applications. Maintenance and monitoring of computer networks and systems. Logging the queries of customers and employees. Analysis of call logs in order to discover any underlying issues or trends.

What does tech support do?

Technical support (tech support) refers to a range services companies provide to their customers for products such as software, mobile phones, printers, and other electronic, mechanical or electromechanical products. Technical support services usually provide users with help in solving…

What does tech support technician do?

Technical support technicians are skilled professionals who resolve computer or information technology-related concerns. They may do installations, repairs, or maintenance activities of various applications or computer hardware.