What is the frequency of Hiru FM?

What is the frequency of Hiru FM?

96.1 Mhz 96.3 Mhz
Hiru FM

City Colombo, Sri Lanka
Broadcast area Sri Lanka
Frequency 96.1 Mhz 96.3 Mhz
Language(s) Sinhala

What is frequency of Neth FM?

95.0 FM
Neth FM, 95.0 FM, Colombo, Sri Lanka | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

What is Slbc frequency?

SLBC Radio is broadcasting 91.7 FM and 91.9 FM islandwide.

How many FM channels are there in Sri Lanka?

45 FM broadcasting channels
The TRCSL is vested with full powers to determine and allocate the use of FM frequencies among radio broadcasters within Sri Lanka. At present there are about 45 FM broadcasting channels which operate within the 87.5 – 108 MHz frequency range.

What is the frequency of Sirasa FM?

106.5 MHz
Sirasa FM

Broadcast area Sri Lanka
Frequency FM: 106.5 MHz–106.7 MHz
Language(s) Sinhala
Format Contemporary hit radio

What is the new name of Radio Ceylon?

Radio Ceylon became a public corporation on 30 September 1967 and the station’s name was changed to the Ceylon Broadcasting Corporation.

What are the radio channels in Sri Lanka?

Top Sri Lanka Radio Stations

  • Sooriyan FM.
  • Tamil FM (தமிழ்)
  • Gold FM.
  • Shakthi FM.
  • Shaa FM.
  • Hiru FM.
  • Tube Tamil FM.
  • SLBC Asia Hindi Service.

What are the radio stations in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lankan FM Radio Stations Frequency List

  • City FM 89.6, 89.8.
  • Alai FM 91.4.
  • E FM 88.3.
  • FM Derana 92.2, 92.4.
  • Gold FM 93.0, 93.2.
  • Hiru FM 96.1, 96.3.
  • Isira TNL FM 89.1, 89.3.
  • Kandurata FM 107.3, 107.5.

Who is on YFM now?

The First Dose with Mncedisi Sindane. 00:00Monday.

  • Non-stop Music. 03:00Monday.
  • Y Mornings with DJ Ankletap and Kandis Kardash. 05:00Monday.
  • The A-List with Supta and Tshepi. 09:00Monday.
  • The Shakedown with Nia Brown and Mthaux.
  • The Lady On Drive with Khutso Theledi.
  • YTKO | Legendary Crisp.
  • The Nightcap with Lula Odiba.