What is the function of Villa Farnesina?

What is the function of Villa Farnesina?

The Villa Farnesina truly embodied its purpose of entertainment. Agostino Chigi used this building for parties, formal dinners, his wedding, theatrical performances and more. The amount of money and time put into the villa shows how ostentatious Chigi felt about showing his fortune.

Where is Raphael’s Galatea?

Villa Farnesina
The Triumph of Galatea/Locations
Raphael, Galatea, c. 1513, fresco, Villa Farnesina, Rome, 9′ 8″ x 7′ 5″.

When was the Villa Farnesina built?

Villa Farnesina/Constructions started

What is happening in the Triumph of Galatea?

Raphael’s Triumph of Galatea, a fresco created around 1512 for the Villa Farnesina in Rome, depicts a scene later in the Nereid’s life, when Galatea stands triumphant in a shell chariot pulled along by dolphins. To the left, a Triton, half-man and half-fish, abducts a sea nymph, while another sounds a shell trumpet.

Is the Triumph of Galatea religious?

…a more secular subject, the Triumph of Galatea, in the Villa Farnesina in Rome; this work was perhaps the High Renaissance’s most successful evocation of the living spirit of Classical antiquity.

What does the Triumph of Galatea represent?

The painting by Raffaello is rich in allegorical meanings that enhance the figure of the young nymph Galatea and recalling the various is protagonist. The Triumph the title refers to is true love, the one Galatea feels for Acis, opposed to the love Polyphemus felt: a love that imposes itself.

What does the Triumph of Galatea depict?

The Triumph of Galatea is a fresco by renaissance artist Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, also known as Raphael. It depicts the character of Galatea, who appears in Greek mythology as a sea-nymph in love with a mortal. Singulart explains the myth behind the artwork and explores the composition of the fresco.

Where was the Villa Farnesina in Rome located?

The Villa Farnesina is a Renaissance suburban villa in the Via della Lungara, in the district of Trastevere in Rome, central Italy . The villa was built for Agostino Chigi, a rich Sienese banker and the treasurer of Pope Julius II.

Where is the Palazzo Farnese in Rome Italy?

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Villa Farnesina (Rome). Satellite photo — The bracket-shaped building southwest (lower) of the Tiber, in the centre of photo, is the Villa Farnesina. The Palazzo Farnese is the massive almost square, courtyarded structure to the North of the Tiber.

Who are the artists that painted Villa Farnesina?

Today, visitors enter on the south side and the loggia is glazed. Chigi also commissioned the fresco decoration of the villa by artists such as Raphael, Sebastiano del Piombo, Giulio Romano, and Il Sodoma. The themes were inspired by the Stanze of the poet Angelo Poliziano, a key member of the circle of Lorenzo de Medici.

What did Michelangelo do at the Villa Farnesina?

Also in the 16th century, Michelangelo proposed linking the Palazzo Farnese on the other side of the River Tiber, where he was working, to the Villa Farnesina with a private bridge.