What is the healthiest way to eat hummus?

What is the healthiest way to eat hummus?

10 Ways to Eat Hummus

  1. Veggie dip like celery, carrots, broccoli, or cauliflower.
  2. Fruit dip like sliced apples.
  3. Chip dip for pita chips, duh.
  4. Spread on sandwiches and wraps.
  5. Sauce for pastas and salads.

Can I eat hummus if I want to lose weight?

Hummus is a great source of fiber and protein, which may promote weight loss. Surveys have shown that people who consume chickpeas or hummus regularly are less likely to be obese, plus have a lower BMI and smaller waist circumference.

What food is good to dip in hummus?

So, for your next get-together, here’s a list of 17 things to dip in hummus!

  • Pretzels. Stick with regular pretzels, try a thin variety, or go for the pretzel sticks and serve them in a shallow up.
  • Crackers.
  • Pita or Pita crisps.
  • Assorted fruit.
  • Raw veggies.
  • Rice Cakes.
  • Almond crisps.
  • Veggie Straws.

Should hummus be hot or cold?

Hot or cold? HTE enjoys the cooling effect of fridge-cold hummus, while acknowledging that room-temperature is preferable if you want its flavours to shine. Warm hummus is a different matter altogether. It’s a texture thing.

Is tzatziki good for dieting?

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for weight loss. It can help reduce appetite, regulate hunger hormones and increase metabolism ( 18 ). Tzatziki sauce is often served as a dip with pita bread. It can also be added to grilled meats for a high-protein dish.

Is hummus and carrots good for weight loss?

It has protein and healthy fat and heart-healthy soluble fiber. Four tablespoons of hummus, is only about 140 calories. If you add eight baby carrots that is only about 30 calories and adds beta-carotene and potassium. This well-balanced combination can be a very satisfying snack.

Is hummus high fat?

This makes hummus a moderate fat food, so it can be part of a low fat diet. It is also a relatively high protein food, especially for people who follow vegetarian diets. It is high in sodium, however, potentially posing a risk to people following low sodium diets.

What’s the best way to make healthy hummus?

A couple of carrots, a can of chickpeas, some lime juice, and a few everyday spices are all you need to whip up a batch of this sunny, spicy-sweet hummus. GET 600+ HEALTHY, DELICIOUS RECIPES ON YOUR PHONE!

What kind of beans are good for hummus?

Tepary beans make a creamier hummus compared with chickpeas. Add the smoky flavor of roasted red pepper and you’ve got a mouthwatering dip that goes fast. Fresh tarragon, basil, and parsley are the star ingredients in this summery hummus. For a light meal or snack try it in these yummy collard green veggie wraps.

How many carbs are in a serving of hummus?

PER SERVING (28 G): 60 calories, 3.5 g fat (0 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 170 mg sodium, 4 g carbs (1 g fiber, 0 g sugar), 2 g protein “This hummus contains 170 milligrams of sodium and only has one gram of fiber per serving,” says Miller.

What are the health benefits of hummus dip?

The savory spread is versatile, is easy to make, and has multiple health benefits. Hummus’ nutrition profile is nothing to scoff at. This dip is a good source of iron, plant-based protein, and fiber, while also being low in carbs registered dietitian Jim White, RD, ACSM, owner of Jim White Fitness Nutrition Studios, tells us.