What is the highest tile on 2048?

What is the highest tile on 2048?

For a standard 2048 game, assuming only 2-tiles appear, this means the maximum tile value is 65536.

What is the best pattern for 2048?

This 2048 game strategy can be broken down into a few key elements:

  • Use only two directions (as much as possible)
  • Never move your tiles up.
  • Keep your tiles tidy.
  • Focus on your goal.
  • Aggressively combine downward and horizontally as needed.

How do you get more than 2048?

Six tips and tricks to help you achieve your highest score in…

  1. Understand how the board moves. Source: iMore.
  2. Don’t chase large tiles. Source: iMore.
  3. Work your way towards the corners. Source: iMore.
  4. Plan ahead. Source: iMore.
  5. Slow down and think. Source: iMore.
  6. Always make moves where multiple tiles merge first.

Who created 2048?

Gabriele Cirulli
Per the Wall Street Journal, Italian teenager Gabriele Cirulli invented the game on a whim one weekend — an effort, apparently, to see if he could code a game from scratch. He was surprised to see it launch 100,000 tweets and countless cheesy knock-offs.

What’s the goal of the game 2048 8×8?

Unlike the classic 2048 game, 2048 8×8 is played on a gray 8×8 grid. Slide numbered tiles in different directions. When two tiles of the same number touch, it merges into a double number tile. Your goal is to get to the 2147483648 tile.

Is there a clone of the 2048 game?

A clone of the 2048 game in logarithmic representation, ideal for people who do not like large numbers. Modified by Šuki . The original 2048 game created by Gabriele Cirulli. Based on 1024 by Veewo Studio and conceptually similar to Threes by Asher Vollmer.

How to get to the 2048 tile in Minecraft?

Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile! How to play: Use your arrow keys to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one!

Where can I Play 2048 on my phone?

When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one! Note: This site is NOT the official version of 2048. You can play it on your phone via All other apps or sites are derivatives or fakes, and should be used with caution. Created by Gabriele Cirulli.