What is the main grape variety of Ribera del Duero?

What is the main grape variety of Ribera del Duero?

Tempranillo grape
Also known in the region as Tinta del País or Tinto Fino, the Tempranillo grape is our main variety and gives the red wines of Ribera del Duero their characteristic colour, aroma and body. Other varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec and Garnacha Tinta are also grown, though in lesser quantities.

Are Rioja and Tempranillo the same?

Rioja is made from a blend of grape varieties, with Tempranillo being the dominant grape. Garnacha is typically included in the blend to add some fruitiness; Mazuelo (also known as Cariñena) and Graciano may also be included.

What grape is Rioja?

The Grapes Tempranillo is the most important grape and is at the heart of Rioja’s best wines.

What is an important natural factor in Ribera del Duero?

The semi-arid terrain, ample amounts of sunlight and extreme temperature swings from day to night — sometimes a 50-plus degree difference — create optimal ripening conditions for the Tempranillo grapes that define Ribera del Duero wines distinctive character.

Where is Duero in Spain?

One of Spain’s top red wine–producing regions, Ribera del Duero is located in the northwest of the country, about two hours north of Madrid, in the center of Castilla y León, Spain’s largest autonomía, or state. Ribera del Duero runs from the east of Aranda del Duero westward to Valladolid.

How did Ribera del Duero wine get its name?

Ribera del Duero is a land of red wines. If you do not enjoy reds, you should look for another region in Spain. The name of this region is derived from its proximity to the Duero river.

What kind of climate does the Ribera del Duero have?

The Ribera del Duero has moderate to low rainfall (450 mm per year) and is exposed to quite extreme climatic conditions; long, dry summers with temperatures of up to 40 °C are followed by hard winters during which temperatures often come close to freezing temperatures.

How many acres of vineyards does Ribera have?

Ribera is now proud to host 270 wineries, with 55,000 acres of vineyards. Tempranillo is a thick-skinned black grape, ripening early to survive short growing seasons. It is capable of producing complex wines that develop over a long period of time.

How tall is the Duero valley in Spain?

Geologically, tertiary sediments, consisting of gently lenticular layers of silty or clayey sand, alternate with layers of limestone, marl and chalky concretions. The Duero valley, formed during the Miocene period, has a flat, rocky, gently undulating terrain, ranging from 911 m down to 750 m above sea level.