What is the movie Hallelujah about?

What is the movie Hallelujah about?

Zeke Johnson (Daniel L. Haynes) and his brother, Spunk (Everett McGarrity), sell their family’s crops for $100. When Zeke manages to lose the money gambling, due to his shifty girlfriend, Chick (Nina Mae McKinney), a fight ensues in which Spunk is killed. This causes Zeke to leave and seek a religious life. Years later, he returns to his hometown as a preacher, bringing his fiancée, Missy Rose (Victoria Spivey). However, Chick is still interested and knows how to manipulate him.
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Where was Hallelujah filmed?

Hallelujah (1929), one of the earliest Hollywood feature films shot on location in Arkansas, was innovative in several ways. It was the first talking picture made by popular director King Vidor and one of the first Hollywood pictures with an exclusively African-American cast.

What was the first all black movie?

One of the earliest surviving examples of a black cast film aimed at a black audience is A Fool and His Money (1912), directed by French emigree Alice Guy for the Solax Film Company. The Ebony Film Company of Chicago, created specifically to produce black-cast films, was also headed by a white production team.

What movie is Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah?

The Buckley version has been widely used in film and television dramas, including the series The West Wing, Scrubs, Crossing Jordan, Without a Trace, The O.C., House, Cold Case, Dirt, Criminal Minds, ER, Third Watch, Ugly Betty and LAX, and the films Feast of Love, The Edukators, Vinterkyss and Lord of War.

What movie does the song Hallelujah come from?

Watchmen: Music from the Motion Picture

When was the movie Hallelujah made?

August 20, 1929 (USA)
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What movie was the first with an all Black cast?

A Fool and His Money (1912)
One of them was A Fool and His Money (1912), a film with an all-black cast. It was considered lost for decades prior to being found in a flea market in Stockton, California. Actor James Russell starred as Sam, a poor laborer who pines for a rich woman named Lindy.

Who was the first Black actor in a movie?

Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry
Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry (May 30, 1902 – November 19, 1985), better known by the stage name Stepin Fetchit, was an American vaudevillian, comedian, and film actor of Jamaican and Bahamian descent, considered to be the first Black actor to have a successful film career.

What movies was the song Hallelujah in?

Why is Hallelujah in Shrek?

The producers said at the time that they used Hallelujah after testing out dozens of other sad songs for the scene, none of which worked. But Carmarthenshire singer John Cale’s version wasn’t included on the soundtrack.

Who was the first black person on TV?

African Americans have appeared on television as long as the medium has been around. In fact, the first Black person on TV may have been Broadway star Ethel Waters, who hosted a one-off variety show on NBC on June 14, 1939, when television was still being developed.