What is the picture on the Eagles album cover?

What is the picture on the Eagles album cover?

You can see the group on the album’s back cover, but the front features an image of the sun setting over empty dunes. In a 2015 interview, Jeri Heiden, who handled art direction and design for the album, noted that only time will tell if a cover shot becomes famous: “That’s something we can only know historically.

What is the building on the cover of the Eagles Hotel California album?

The Beverly Hills Hotel
The front cover artwork is a photograph of The Beverly Hills Hotel shot just before sunset by David Alexander with design and art direction by Kosh. According to Kosh, Henley wanted him to find a place that can portray the Hotel California of the album title, and “portray it with a slightly sinister edge”.

Who sings on the border by the Eagles?

On the Border/Artists

When was the Eagles album on the border released?

March 22, 1974
On the Border/Release date

Is Colitas a flower?

The question concerned the line “warm smell of colitas rising up through the air,” and you replied that the mysterious “colitas” word is actually “coleus,” the plant.

Who is on the cover of the Eagles Desperado album?

Desperado remains the only Eagles album where the band members appear on the front cover. L-R are Randy Meisner, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon.

Where is the Eagles Hotel California album cover?

The back cover of the album shows the empty lobby of a hotel with one lone figure sweeping up the floor. The back cover photo was not shot in The Beverly Hills Hotel lobby but rather in the lobby of the much lower budget Lido Hotel on the corner of Yucca Street & Wilcox Avenue in Hollywood, California.

When did Joe Walsh join the Eagles?

At Szymczyk’s suggestion, Walsh joined the Eagles in 1975 as the band’s guitarist and keyboardist following the departure of their founding member Bernie Leadon, with Hotel California being his first album with the band.

Who wrote on the border song?

Bernie Taupin
Border Song/Lyricists
Though Elton John has for years said that he writes the music only and Bernie Taupin writes the lyrics, and that each does his work separately from the other, “The Border Song” is a rare example of the two collaborating on lyrics, as this manuscript attests. Bernie wrote four stanzas of this soulful ballad.

What was the Eagles first album?

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How many albums did the Eagles release?

The Eagles are an American rock band. Since their debut in 1972, they have released seven studio albums, two live albums, 10 compilation albums, as well as three video albums and 30 singles. Of those singles, five topped the Billboard Hot 100.

When did on the border by the Eagles come out?

On the Border is the third studio album by American rock group the Eagles, released in 1974.

Who was the producer for Eagles on the border?

As the band tried to lean towards a more hard rock sound, they felt that producer Glyn Johns overemphasized their country sound. After recording only two songs, the band let go of Johns and hired Bill Szymczyk.

Where did the band on the border record?

The band recorded the rest of the album at the Record Plant Studios in Los Angeles. They were allowed more input in how the album was made and enjoyed more freedom with Szymczyk in the making of the album. Szymczyk suggested they bring in a harder-edged guitarist to add slide guitar to the song “Good Day in Hell”.

Who was the fifth Eagle on on the border?

Bernie Leadon suggested his old friend Don Felder, whom they had met and jammed with on a few occasions. The band was so impressed that they invited Felder to become the fifth Eagle. The only other track on this album on which he appeared was ” Already Gone “. They credited him as a late arrival on the album’s liner notes.