What is the role and responsibilities of sub-editor?

What is the role and responsibilities of sub-editor?

As a press sub-editor, or sub, you’ll check the written text of newspapers, magazines or websites before they’re published. You’ll look at grammar, spelling, tone and style to make sure it’s all correct, and will need to check facts and make sure the content suits its target audience.

What is the role of a sub-editor in a daily newspaper?

A sub-editor checks the news stories one by one. He goes through every single line of the copy. Then he adds a catch line, if the reporter has not already provided a suitable one. He also writes a suitable headline for the story.

What makes a good sub-editor?

A sub-editor needs to have: a very good command of English and spelling, and the ability to write clearly. an obsession with accuracy. a wide general knowledge. a good working knowledge of typography and newspaper production.

Who is a subeditor?

also subeditor. Word forms: plural sub-editors. countable noun. A sub-editor is a person whose job it is to check and correct articles in newspapers or magazines before they are printed.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the editorial board?

Editorial Boards

  • Identifying new topics for commissions, special editions and advising on direction for the journal—giving feedback on past issues and making suggestions for both subject matter and potential authors.
  • Provide content by writing occasional editorials and other short articles.

What is the difference between editor and sub-editor?

A sub-editor, sometimes referred to as a copy-editor, is the gatekeeper of grammar; a sorcerer of spelling. An editor, on the other hand, is the commander-in-chief, charged with controlling the entire war effort. That not only includes the copy quality, but the overall vision for a project.

What is the salary of a sub-editor?

The average salary for a Senior Sub Editor is ₹ 4.2 lakhs per year in India, which is 8.7% less than the average salary of Senior Sub Editor at INDIA TODAY GROUP which receives a salary of ₹ 4.6 per year.

Which five qualities are most needed for a specialist reporter?

Which five qualities are most needed for a specialist reporter?

  • Life experience, humanities and social sciences.
  • Attitude and aptitude are essential for all journalists.
  • Specialist knowledge can be really useful.
  • History and languages are important.
  • Curiosity, critical thinking and a hunger for news.

Who is called journalist?

A journalist is an individual trained to collect/gather information in form of text, audio or pictures, processes them to a news-worthy form and disseminates it to the public. The act or process mainly done by the journalist is called journalism.

What are the responsibilities of a newspaper sub editor?

The sub-editor has the power of life or death over all the newspaper’s material that reaches him. Thus, the responsibility of the sub-editor is really enormous. A newspaper receives its copy from a variety of sources like reporters, correspondents, telephones, news agency reports and verbal communications.

What are the qualities of a good sub editor?

To be a good sub-editor one’s must be an all-rounder. The qualities that must be present in a sub-editor are listed below: News sense is the basic quality of newsmen. News sense is essential for a sub-editor. He has to have news sense or nose for news to distinguish news from non-news.

What do you call a person who edits a story?

A person who edits a copy of a story is called an editor. An editor supervises the reporters and improves his reports for publication. An editor also plans about what to report, how to cover and the relative importance to be given to each story.