What is the standard power cord length?

What is the standard power cord length?

The CA248 is a standard six foot (72 inches) US power cord that plugs into any standard desktop power supply rated to 120V AC. The CA248 can also be used as a standard computer or monitor power cord.

What is a IEC power cord?

An IEC connector refers to a type of electronic cable that meet the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. IEC-60320 is a standard for male and female connectors used in cables and electric devices such as computers, workstations, laptops, printers and so on.

What is the difference between IEC C13 and C14?

C13 connectors offered by Interpower are rated at 10A/250VAC international and 15A/250VAC North America with a temperature rating of up to 70°C. C14 inlets are also rated at 10A/250VAC international and 15A/250VAC North America with a temperature rating of up to 70°C.

How long is a four foot cord?

One-third of a cord is also sometimes called a fireplace cord, stove cord, rick, or rank. A full cord made of 16-inch bolts is 4 feet high and 24 feet long. See firewood. A rick is sometimes considered to consist of 12-inch long pieces, making it a fourth of a cord.

Does the length of a power cord matter?

There are two factors: cord length and thickness. The thicker the copper wire, the more electricity it can carry. However, because transmitted power diminishes over distance, longer extension cords require heavier wire to deliver the full current rating required by an appliance.

What lengths do extension cords come in?

Extension cords come in various lengths, from a few feet to 100 feet. Although copper wire is a very good conductor, it does have an amount of resistance that generates heat. This heat can potentially damage the extension cord as well as the devices and appliances that are connected to it.

Are IEC cables universal?

Because IEC cords are used in different countries with different standards, they do not have universal amperage ratings.

What is the IEC 5-15p-hg power cord tested for?

The NEMA 5-15P-HG plug has been tested to UL and CSA standards in order to protect patients and medical staff against faulty ground connections that can be caused by frequent and abrupt connects and disconnects. The power cord is built to withstand the demands of a hospital environment and is a dependable… Availability: Extended Lead Time.

What kind of power cord does the United States use?

IEC 60320 C-15 120C connector available on some United States AC power cords. United States power cords are black as standard color. United States power cords in white or gray are special order. Custom length and shielded United States AC power cables available.

What kind of power cord do I need for standrad?

Middle Atlantic S-IEC-18×20 Standard IEC Power Cord is ideal for standrad digital AV and networking equipment. Industry-standard 18 AWG conductors with a 10A max current rating and trusted Middle Atlanitc quality. 20 pieces / pack. 10ft, IEC 309 ( 2P+ Ground ) to C19 power cable. 16 Amp, 90 – 250 VAC range.

What’s the length of a ups power cord?

This C14 male to C13 female cord can be used to connect a computer, server, monitor or drive to a UPS system or PDU or replace or upgrade the standard power cord provided by the device’s manufacturer. The 6-ft. (1.83m) length allows you flexibility in placing equipment with…