What is the theme of flying solo by Ralph Fletcher?

What is the theme of flying solo by Ralph Fletcher?

To me Flying Solo contains many themes including independence, as you say, and also tolerating difference. And responsibility: how are you going to act in this world? What choices will you make, and what will be the implications of those choices?

What is the problem in the book Flying Solo?

Bullying can take many shapes. In Flying Solo, Bastian does the most obvious bullying, dispensing cruel nicknames and exploiting vulnerabilities. But, as another boy points out, even Tommy was no saint. He had been known to push down younger kids and make them cry.

Who is the main character in flying solo?

Rachel White — The de facto protagonist, Rachel has been mute for six months since a classmate (Tommy Feathers) who had a crush on her died six months earlier, the day after she told him off.

What type of book is flying solo?

Young adult fiction
Flying Solo/Genres

Is flying solo a true story?

The incredible true story of the first woman to fly solo around the world. Forgotten Women is a series dedicated to giving women of history the exposure they deserve. Jerrie Mock was the first woman to fly around the world alone, wearing tights, heels and pearls, in a plane called Charlie.

What happens in flying solo?

But when a fight breaks out between Bastian Fauvell and Rachel White over a classmate, Tommy Feathers, who died six months earlier, everything begins to fall apart. Can Rachel deal with the anxieties that plunged her into silence the day Tommy died? Inventive and uniquely constructed, “Flying Solo” follows Mr.

Why did Rachel stop talking in flying solo?

Rachel stopped talking when Tommy Feathers died and didn’t talk until the end of the story. Tommy Feathers, a boy in Mr. Fab’s class, died and everyone in the class was upset.

Who are all the characters in flying solo?

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  • Rachel. Selective mute; Tommy Feather’s crush.
  • Tommy Feathers. Boy who died; “The Professor” or “Doctor Drool”
  • Sean. Insecure boy without a mom who had an alcoholic dad with a young girl friend.
  • Bastian. Air Force brat who made fun of people.
  • Karen. Class leader.
  • Christopher.
  • Mr.
  • Mr.

Is flying solo a movie?

Flying Solo (2018) – IMDb.

Is there a sequel to flying solo?

Houseful of Strangers (Flying Solo Book 2) Kindle Edition.

Who is absent in flying solo by Ralph Fletcher?

Opportunity is knocking at the door of Mr. “Fab” Fabiano’s sixth-grade class. Mr. Fab is absent and a substitute never arrives.

Who is the sixth grade teacher in flying solo?

Set in sixth-grade classroom 238 of Paulson Elementary School, Flying Solo (1998) American writer Ralph Fletcher’s children’s novel takes place over the course of one day, April 28. Sixth-grade teacher Mr. Fabiano is absent; his students are surprised to learn that their substitute teacher, Mrs. Muchmore, has called in sick.

Who is the author of the book Flying Solo?

Ralph Fletcher is the author of many well-received books for children, including the novels Fig Pudding and Flying Solo, and the picture books Twilight Comes Twice, Grandpa Never Lies, and Circus Surprise. He lives with his family in New Hampshire. Visit him online at

What kind of Mute is Rachel in flying solo?

Rachel is a “selective mute”; she has taken a purposeful vow of silence since the death of classmate Tommy Feathers, a slow learner who died of natural causes exactly six months ago, on October 28. Tommy was in love with Rachel, giving her presents almost daily, including a pie he brought to her home the day before his death.