What is Toni Mascolo known for?

What is Toni Mascolo known for?

Giuseppe “Toni” Mascolo OBE (6 May 1942 – 10 December 2017) was an Italian-born British hairdresser and businessman, and the co-founder of hairdressing chain Toni & Guy with his brother Gaetano “Guy” Mascolo.

Who is the owner of Toni and Guy salon?

Mascolo Ltd
Toni & Guy/Parent organizations

Is Toni and Guy still alive?

The co-founder of the hairdresser chain Toni & Guy – Giuseppe “Toni” Mascolo – has died at the age of 75. Mr Mascolo and his brother, Gaetano ‘Guy’ Mascolo, opened their first salon in south London in 1963. Mr Mascolo, who was the chief executive of the firm, died on Sunday surrounded by his family.

Is Toni and Guy dead?

The creator of the international hair salon chain Toni&Guy, Guy Mascolo, died on Wednesday 6 May aged 65 of a heart attack. He and his brother, Giuseppe – more commonly called Toni – founded their company in London in 1963 at the age of 19.

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How much is Toni and Guy worth?

Richard Ward said: “He was also a very affable guy, very friendly, and you couldn’t help but like him. To have achieved what he did from such a humble beginnings is remarkable.” In the 2017 Times Rich List, Toni and his family were estimated to have a net worth of £270m ($360m).

What type of business is Toni and Guy?

salon digital
An in-salon digital network, TONI&GUY.TV was the first of its kind in the UK and was quickly followed by the launch of an award-winning eponymous consumer magazine – all adding to the customer experience.

Who is CEO of Toni and Guy?

Nigel Darwin (Jan 2018–)
Toni & Guy/CEO

Who is the richest hairdresser?

Rossano Ferretti is known as the most exclusive and expensive hair dresser in the world.

When did Toni Mascolo open his first hair salon?

He was the eldest of five sons of Francesco Mascolo, who ran a barber shop and hair salon in Scafati, Campania, southern Italy, and his wife Maria Mascolo (née Gallo). In 1963, Toni Mascolo and his brother Guy opened their first salon in Clapham, London. By 2000, there were 112 salons, 27 of them outside the UK.

What did Toni Mascolo do for a living?

The company said: “Toni Mascolo was highly respected within the hairdressing community, he was known as approachable and someone who made time for everyone. It is no surprise that he built up a lengthy list of achievements, which transcended the industry to include business, entrepreneurship and charity.”

Why did Toni and Guy Mascolo change their name?

Sudden press interest in the Mascolo brothers’ work enabled them to diversify their talents. Whilst Toni and Guy were based at the salon continuing to build a financially strong business, Bruno and Anthony (the youngest brother) now joined their older brothers, promoting the TONI&GUY name by focusing on photographic sessions and magazine work.

When did Anthony Mascolo become international creative director?

In 2002 when TIGI demerged from its parent company Toni & Guy, Anthony became international creative director .