What is Turtle Wexler character traits?

What is Turtle Wexler character traits?

But just in case you’re not the same age as Turtle, don’t let that stop you from identifying with her: her qualities of determination, cleverness, and loyalty, combined with her habit of kicking people hard in the shins when they do something she sees as wrong, make her sympathetic for and interesting to readers in all …

What happened to Turtle Wexler at the end of the Westing Game?

She ends up marrying Theo and spends the night beside the old Mr. Eastman. Unfortunately he dies and all the characters die with him. In the beginning you can already tell that Turtle is not her mom’s favorite.

Is Turtle Wexler The bomber in the Westing Game?

It is discovered that she later marries Theo in the epilogue when Julian Eastman asks about her husband. After she turns 18, she requests that everyone call her “T.R. Wexler”. She falsely admits to being the bomber after the fourth bomb explodes to protect her good-natured sister, Angela, who is the actual bomber.

Is Turtle Wexler one of the 16 heirs?

The sixteen heirs are: Grace Windsor Wexler, Turtle and Angela Wexler (Jake Wexler was named as an heir but refused to attend), Crow, D. Denton Deere, Flora Baumbach, Doug Hoo and his father (James Shin Hoo), Madame Hoo (who does not attend, as her husband did not tell her of the meeting), Judge J.J.

What is turtles personality in The Westing Game?

The de facto protagonist of the novel and the youngest of Sam Westing’s 16 potential heirs, Turtle Wexler is a precocious preteen who is fiercely protective of herself, her secrets, and the beloved long braid that hangs down her back. She’s Angela’s sister and Grace and Jake’s daughter.

Which character traits of turtles cause her to enter the Westing House?

Conclusion. Two character traits that I would say about Turtle are that she is adventurous because she gets dared to go into the Westing house and she does it, and sassy because whenever someone touches her braid, they get kicked in the shin.

Who is Turtle Wexler’s partner?

Westing Game characters

Turtle Wexler is partners with Flora Baumbach
J.J. Ford is partners with Sandy McSouthers
Berthe Crow is partners with Otis Amber
Sydelle Pulaski is partners with Angela Wexler

What did turtle lose in the Westing House?

During their discussion, Turtle and the judge both realize that Sam Westing might not be dead after all. Turtle sells Sandy her last timed candle, and admits to all the bombings. She has her poor hair cut off.

Who was the second bomber in the Westing Game?

The reader finds out at the end of chapter 16 that the bomber is actually Angela Wexler herself.

What is Turtle Wexler’s connection to Sam Westing?

Angela Wexler is Sam Westing’s grand-niece and she looks like his daughter. Grace Wexler, Angela’s mother, claims that Sam Westing is her uncle. This makes sense, because Grace Wexler looks like Sam Westing’s daughter, who is deceased. If Grace is Westing’s niece, that makes Angela his grand-niece.

Why does grace Wexler believe she is the rightful heir?

When Grace arrived at the Westing house, she was trying to remember everything she could about her “Uncle Sam”, convinced she was the rightful heir, since Jake was Jewish he HAD to be fom HER side of the family.