What is Wong Tai Sin temple famous for?

What is Wong Tai Sin temple famous for?

fortune telling
Wong Tai Sin Temple is famous for a popular fortune telling practice called kau cim. The ritual comprises the following: a worshipper shakes a container full of bamboo sticks until a single one falls to the ground.

How many temples are there in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong counts approximately 600 temples, shrines and monasteries.

Is Chi Lin Nunnery open?

Diamond Hill MTR station, Exit C2. Opening hours: Garden 6.30am-7pm; nunnery 9am-4.30pm.

What religion are the temples in Hong Kong?

Temples in Hong Kong are dedicated to different religions: Buddhist and Taoist traditions are both found here, along with Confucian shrines, with some temples honoring several deities.

How do I get to Diamond Hill by bus?

Line 107 bus, line 11 bus • 58 min

  1. Take the line 107 bus from Rhythm Garden to Cannon Street 107.
  2. Take the line 11 bus from Hysan Place to Pedder Street 11.

What exit is Diamond Hill?

Diamond Hill MTR station is on the Kwun Tong Line and has a colour scheme to match its name. Exit A1 takes you onto Lung Poon Street, with the Plaza Hollywood shopping mall on the right hand side across the road.

Is there a Wong Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong?

Wong Tai Sin Temple is a famous local shrine and tourist attraction temple in Hong Kong. Also called Sik Sik Yuen (啬色园), it is dedicated to Wong Tai Sin, the great immortal Wong, who serves prayers with “what you request is what you get”.

Which is the busiest temple in Hong Kong?

Meanwhile, a contrasting destination for culture, heritage and religion lies just one MTR station away. Embodying the religions of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple is probably the busiest temple in Hong Kong, and has a reputation as the luckiest too.

What are the five elements in Wong Tai Sin Temple?

Wong Tai Sin Temple is designed strictly by the Chinese building principle of “Fengshui”, which should include the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth). In this temple, the five elements are Feiying Platform, Scripture Hall, The Jade Pool, Yuxiang Pavilion and Screen Wall, according to the order.

Who was Wong Tai Sin and what did he do?

Wong Tai Sin, originally named Wong Cho Ping, was a shepherd boy from a poor family born in 328 AD, during Jin dynasty. When he was 15 years old, he met a fairy and taught him how to refine herbal medicine to cure illness.