What is your magic circle?

What is your magic circle?

A magic circle is a circle of space marked out by practitioners of some branches of ritual magic, which they generally believe will contain energy and form a sacred space, or will provide them a form of magical protection, or both.

What does DC in ring mean?

Chain 3 more for the double crochet (dc) stitch’s turning chain. This is the first chain stitch you made and becomes your center ring chain stitch. Figure 5: Insert hook into first chain stitch made. 5. Work 1 complete double crochet stitch in the center ring chain stitch.

How do you finish the magic circle?

To close a magic circle, take your darning needle and thread the long tail end. If you hadn’t closed off your circle tight enough, now is the time to do it. Once you pull it tightly, you can now close your magic circle. The first tuck goes in row 1 in the opposite direction to the yarn end.

What does D C mean in jewelry?

Understanding Markings on Jewelry

SOL Solitaire Diamond (usually followed by some carat weight)
D Diamond
ct Carat (referring to stone weight)
cw Carat weight of stones

Why is my magic circle not closing?

Answers to common magic circle problems Pull the yarn through the same way as if you used just your index finger. My magic ring doesn’t close when I pull the tail. This is often due to not working over the yarn tail when working your stitches. Make sure that each stitch works over two strands of yarn.

How to close a magic circle with DC?

Close magic circle. Slst into first dc {not the ch2} to join. Round 2: Ch 2. 2dc in the same dc that you slip stitched into to join previous round. (2dc in next dc) 10 times. Dc into the slst that closed the previous round.

Is there a way to make a magic circle?

It’s the Magic Circle! Also known as Magic Ring or Magic Loop, there are several ways to create it. Here’s mine! How to Crochet The Magic Circle – Right Handed How to Crochet The Magic Circle – Left-Handed I hope that made it clear!

How to start double crochet in Magic Circle?

Working the chainless starting double crochet in the round is simple enough, and if you’ve mastered the magic ring then it’s really just a matter of combining the two! Start the Magic Circle as usual, then insert your hook under the outside loop, and grab the inside loop with the hook.

How to make a magic circle with slip stitches?

When you make slip stitches do not pull them extra tight – they should be about the same size as the two loops at the top of all the other dc in the round. Round 1: Ch 2. 11 dc into magic circle. Close magic circle. Slst into first dc {not the ch2} to join.