What kind of motorhome is a Mercedes Sprinter?

What kind of motorhome is a Mercedes Sprinter?

What is a Sprinter Motorhome? A “Sprinter” is a small Class C RV that is built on a Mercedes-Benz® chassis. Often these small RVs don’t have an overhead bunk, however, that is not always the case. Sprinters often offer many of the amenities of the Class A are more powerful than Class B motorhomes.

Which is better a sprinter or a Class B RV?

Sprinters often have many of the Class A motorhome amenities while being more powerful than Class B RVs. With five different Thor Motor Coach Sprinter RVs, each offering unique floor plans, you’re sure to find the perfect motorhome made to fit you. What is a Sprinter Motorhome?

How many people can fit in a sprinter RV?

Our luxury Sprinter RV is a game changer. The Ultimate RV is the only luxury Sprinter on the market with a rear bathroom, comfortably seating up to 10 people and offering the functionality needed for camping…and more.

How tall is the Mercedes Benz Sprinter wheelbase?

This is a 2015/2021 conversion Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144 inch base 43,000 miles -5-year factory bumper-to-bumper extended warranty through Mercedes!-… This is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter built on the 144” high top wheelbase featuring 4 seats (2 removable) with a crash-tested L-track SmartFloor system

What does the DTC on a p2270 mean?

The converter’s job is to reduce emissions out the tailpipe. When the signal from the O2 sensor is detected by the PCM as being stuck lean or biased lean, this DTC is set. The P2270 DTC refers to downstream sensor (after the catalytic converter), sensor #2 on bank #1. Bank #1 is the side of the engine that contains cylinder #1.

Is the cab the same as the sprinter?

A van and cab chassis is virtually the same, with the exception the cab chassis only provides the driver’s area from Sprinter so the RV can be added on the frame behind the cockpit. A van is a complete structure from the front to the rear.