What kind of rat is 1972?

What kind of rat is 1972?

Water Rat
Years and the Five Elements

Start date End date Heavenly branch
15 February 1972 2 February 1973 Water Rat
2 February 1984 19 February 1985 Wood Rat
19 February 1996 6 February 1997 Fire Rat
7 February 2008 25 January 2009 Earth Rat

What does it mean if you were born in the Year of the Rat?

People who were born in the Year of the Rat are always called Rats whose characteristics tend to be more quick-witted with a keen observation and foresight. Rats also have a bright and optimistic personality which makes them adapt to changes in any environment and easily get help from others.

What is the Chinese zodiac animal for 1972?

1972 Chinese Zodiac – Water Rat. Year of the Water Rat. People born in the year of 1972 (Feb. 15, 1972 – Feb. 02, 1973) which is Ren Zi Year are members of the Water Rat. For those born before Feb. 15, 1972, they belong to the zodiac animal of Metal Pig.

What was the animal in Chinese New Year 1971?

The date of the Chinese New Year 1971 is as follows: January 27, 1971. To be more specific, this means that the first day of Chinese New Year 1971 is on January 27, and the last day of the previous Chinese Year was January 26. Furthermore, Chinese New Year 1971 is the Year of the: Pig.

What is the Chinese year of 1972?

Chinese New Year was on Tuesday, February 15, 1972.

What is the Chinese zodiac animal?

Outline of 12 Zodiac Animals: Personality, Compatibility, Fortune-Telling Pig. Chinese zodiac is actually an imaginary belief, basing on the zodiac animals’ temperament, and combining the traditional Chinese religions, philosophy, astrology, and numerology. Dog Rooster Monkey Sheep Horse Snake Dragon Rabbit Tiger