What libraries are part of Minuteman Network?

What libraries are part of Minuteman Network?


  • Acton Memorial Library.
  • Robbins Library, Arlington.
  • Ashland Public Library.
  • Bedford Free Public Library.
  • Belmont Public Library.
  • Public Library of Brookline.
  • Cambridge Public Library.
  • Concord Free Public Library.

Is Boston Public Library part of the Minuteman Library Network?

The Metro Boston Library Network (MBLN) includes the Boston Public Library system, Malden, Chelsea, and an array of schools, special and academic libraries in the greater Boston area. The Minuteman Library Network (MLN) serves public and academic libraries in the Metrowest area outside of Boston.

Where can I donate books in Franklin MA?

Got Books Donation Container

  • 262 Chestnut St. First Universalist Church Franklin, MA 02038.
  • (978) 664-6555.

What is the Commonwealth catalog?

The Commonwealth Catalog (ComCat) allows library users to locate and request library materials from all across the state, and have them delivered directly to their home library.

Is the Dedham library open?

The Dedham Public Library remains open for public access with normal hours of operation.

How many library networks are there in Massachusetts?

There are 8 networks in Massachusetts, each with its own catalog: Cape Library Automated Materials Sharing (CLAMS) Central/Western Massachusetts Automated Resource Sharing (C/W MARS) Merrimack Valley Library Consortium (MVLC)

What was the first public library in America?

the Library Company of Philadelphia
The first public library in the U.S. is contested, but there are three generally accepted answers. The first is the Library Company of Philadelphia which was founded in November 1731 by Benjamin Franklin. It was a subscription library and supported by members.

What is an example of a Minuteman?

Armed American civilians who were active in the Revolutionary War and in the period just preceding the war. They were named Minutemen because they were ready to fight alongside regular soldiers at a moment’s notice. The Minutemen of Massachusetts were especially well known. (See Battle of Lexington and Concord.)

What is a modern Minuteman?

The term Minutemen comes from the fact that they were always ready and could be ready to marshal with just a minute’s notice. I’m proud to know many people, both men and women, that I consider to be the modern-day Minutemen that could be called on to defend Liberty at any time or any place.

What is the library system called?

the Dewey Decimal Classification System
Libraries in the United States generally use either the Library of Congress Classification System (LC) or the Dewey Decimal Classification System to organize their books. Most academic libraries use LC, and most public libraries and K-12 school libraries use Dewey.

What is a master’s degree in library science?

Earning a master’s in library science teaches students the skills needed to navigate and use these systems. Library science programs include courses in database modeling and design, web design, and digital libraries. Students also learn about literacy programs, research methods, and information organization.