What makes IMOS pizza different?

What makes IMOS pizza different?

Louis-style pizza are a super-thin yeast-less crust, the common (but not mandatory) use of Provel processed cheese, and pizzas cut into squares or rectangles instead of large pie shaped slices. The crust is too thin to be folded like a NY style slice so little party pieces werer made.

Who is IMOS?

IMOS is a highly configurable solution and consists of ten core modules: Chartering, Operations, Financials, Planning, Trading, Demurrage, Bunker Management, Pooling, Data Center and Data Services. Ship owners and operators can manage and distribute information for their fleet to terminals and charterers.

What is in IMO’s cheese?

Imo’s Pizza Provel Cheese is a white cheese made popular in St. Louis cuisine. Made from a combination of cheddar, Swiss and provolone, it has a low melting point, creating a gooey and almost buttery texture at room temperature.

What are IMOS specials?

  • Tailgater. $19.95. XL 1-Topping Pizza & Boneless Wings.
  • Fall Feast. $24.95. Large 2-Topping Pizza, Toasted Ravioli & House Salad.
  • Coca-Cola Combo. $18.95.
  • XL 2-Topping Pizza. $17.95.
  • Large 2-Topping Pizza. $13.95.
  • Medium 2-Topping Pizza. $9.95.
  • Monday/Tuesday Special. $10.95.
  • Large Specialty Pizza. $17.95.

Why is IMOS so expensive?

Imo’s prices are slightly more expensive than the national pizza chains, however, part of that is because Imo’s is much smaller and more specialized. Imo’s is known for their thin crust pizzas cut in squares, which is considered in the region to be the ‘St. Louis-style pizza’. Below are the latest Imo’s menu prices.

What’s the difference between Provel and provolone cheese?

Despite the popular myth that Provel is a combination of provolone and mozzarella, it’s actually a mix of white cheddar, Swiss, and provolone cheeses (but doesn’t taste like any of the three). With a low melting point and gooey texture, Provel is used on much of the pizza in St.

What does IMOS stand for?


Acronym Definition
IMOS Intended Military Occupational Specialty
IMOS Internet Mission Office System (software)
IMOS Iraqi Marshlands Observation System (UN Environment Programme)
IMOS Integrated Modeling of Optical Systems

Who owns IMOS?

Imo’s still is run by the family: Ed and Margie, and their four sons and two daughters. John says Mom is still the boss, but the leadership roles are spread out pretty evenly.

Is provolone the same as mozzarella?

Both the cheeses are made in the Pasta Filata (Stretched-curd) fashion. But it is pretty easy to differentiate the Provolone cheese from the Mozzarella cheese. When it comes to Provolone Vs Mozzarella taste, the Provolone packs a tangy punch whereas the Mozzarella, on the other hand, has a mild buttery flavour.

Is Provel and provolone the same?

What is IMOS Wacky Wednesday?

Wacky Wednesday! Buy one get one free 16″ X-Large pizzas. Do you still have buy one 16″ pizza get one free on Wednesday?

How much is an extra-large 2 topping pizza at Imo’s?

A small costs around $10, a large around $15 and an extra-large around $25.

Who owns IMO’s pizza?

The Maplewood Imo’s Pizza, at 2600 S. Big Bend Boulevard, which has been owned by one family since 1970, now has a new owner, and it’s not far from the family tree. Ben Stratton, the previous owner Lucille Brown ’s nephew, has bought the Imo’s. Stratton worked at the Maplewood Imo’s when he was growing up, he said. He said he owns other Imo’s Pizzas.

What does IMO mean in medical terms?

Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) develops, manages, and licenses medical terminology and healthcare IT software applications that allow clinicians to capture their clinical intent at the point-of-care.

What is Imo pizza?

Imo’s Pizza is a U.S. chain of pizza restaurants based in the greater St. Louis, Missouri area.