What musical is consider yourself from?

What musical is consider yourself from?

Consider Yourself/Play

Did Oliver sing his own songs?

Oliver Reed’s only song “My Name” was cut from the finished film, officially because the producers decided that Bill Sikes should not sing, but also allegedly because there was concern over the quality of Reed’s singing voice. Mark Lester did not do his own singing in Oliver!

When did Oliver first play in London?

30 June 1960
Original London production Oliver! premiered at the Wimbledon Theatre for a preliminary engagement before opening at the New Theatre (now the Noël Coward Theatre) on 30 June 1960 and ran for 2,618 performances, a record for a musical in London at the time.

What movie was consider yourself in?

Consider Yourself/Movie

When was consider yourself first performed?

“Consider Yourself” is a song from the 1960 original West End and Broadway musical Oliver! and the 1968 film of the same name. It was introduced on Broadway by Davy Jones and the ensemble. In the 1968 film version, it is performed in the market and led by Jack Wild’s Artful Dodger.

Did Oliver really sing?

On the night of his wedding to Connor in season 5, Oliver sings for him as a grand gesture, a most beautiful rendition of John Legend’s “All of You.” In fact, the actor is quite the singer and has been known to sing in stage productions and musicals, as well.

Who sang Oliver in Oliver?

Mark Lester
In the 1968 Columbia Pictures musical film version of Oliver!, “Where is Love?” was performed onscreen by Mark Lester, whose singing voice was reportedly dubbed by Kathe Green (the daughter of the film’s conductor and musical arranger, Johnny Green), though Lester was actually given credit on the soundtrack album.

When was the first performance of Oliver?

Oliver!/First performance
Oliver! premiered in the West End on June 30, 1960, where it ran for an impressive 2,618 performances. It premiered on Broadway at the Imperial theatre on January 6, 1963, and ran for 774 performances. It has since been revived in London in 1977, 1994 and 2009, with a tour launching in the UK in 2011.

When did Oliver come out?

26 September 1968 (London)
Oliver!/Release date

Who wrote Consider Yourself from Oliver?

Lionel Bart
Consider Yourself/Composers
This is one of the more memorable songs from the award winning musical Oliver!, which was written in its entirety by the London-born composer Lionel Bart (1930-99).

Who did Oliver Reed play in Oliver Twist?

film soundtrack, including classics such as Food Glorious Food, Consider Yourself, As Long as He Needs Me, You’ve Got to Pick a Pocket or Two, Oom-Pah-Pah and Where is Love? Oliver Reed as Bill Sykes & Jack Wild as Dodger with Bullseye in the film Oliver!, 1968.

Who wrote the song Consider Yourself?

Consider Yourself/Composers