What restaurants are in Metro Centre?

What restaurants are in Metro Centre?

Restaurants at Metrocentre

  • Restaurants and bars at Metrocentre include:
  • ASK Italian. Feast on authentic Italian dishes from pizza and pasta to salads and desserts made from fresh ingredients alongside wines to complement your meal.
  • Bella Italia.
  • Buffet King @ Metro.
  • Chiquito.
  • Fattoush Lounge.
  • Five Guys.
  • Frankie & Benny’s.

Can you eat in Metro Centre?

With over 60 places to eat and drink, there’s something for everyone at Metrocentre. Enjoy cocktails, wines, beers and hot drinks alongside a menu of bar snacks and hot sides.

What’s open in the metro Centre?

October 14, 1986

What shops are in the metro Centre Gateshead?

Things to do & places to shop at Metrocentre

  • Angry Birds Adventure Golf.
  • Clip ‘n’ Climb.
  • Namco Funscape.
  • Disney Store.
  • Victoria’s Secret.
  • Zara.
  • Jack Wills.
  • Joules.

Why did Metroland close down?

The stomach-churning rollerocaster around Metroland added thrills and spills to a routine family shopping trip. So in 2008, the decision to close it to make way for a cinema met with a storm of protest, with regulars packing in for a final adrenalin-fuelled blast on a Last Ride weekend.

Is the Metrocentre open in Tier 4?

THE full list of shops, takeaways and restaurants staying open in the Metrocentre under national lockdown restrictions has been revealed. It means that the Metrocentre, which was already operating on a partially-open basis under Tier 4 restrictions, will continue to remain trading in the same way.

When did Metroland close?

April 20, 2008
Despite calls being made to save Metroland, the famous attraction sadly closed its doors for the last time on April 20, 2008, marking the end of an era.

Is the Metro Centre open in Tier 4?

Is the Metro Center closing down?

Built in 1978, the mall once thrived and drew shoppers from all over the state. But as more malls emerged, Metrocenter began dying, officially closing in 2018. In 2020, the mall was purchased by Emily Seiferth-Sanders.

What happened to the Metroland rollercoaster?

Until its closure in April 2008, Metrocentre featured an entirely enclosed theme park called Metroland. The Metroland roller coaster was later relocated to The Big Sheep, a farm-themed amusement park in Abbotsham, northern Devon.

When was Metroland closed?

What are the best places to eat near MetroCentre?

Restaurants near MetroCentre 1 Subway 2 Rice 3 Frankie & Benny’s 4 Marks and spencer kitchen 5 Bb’S Bakersbaristas 6 Petite Delice 7 ASK Italian 8 Bella Italia Gateshead 9 Thaikhun Metrocentre 10 MOD Pizza

Which is the best place to eat in Gateshead?

1 Pizza Hut 2 Mr Pretzels 3 Wetherspoons’ Metro Centre Gateshead 4 Greek Gyros 5 Burger King 6 Caffe Botanico 7 Big Lukes Buffet Restaurant 8 Kfc 9 Cookery Nook 10 McDonald’s

Is the MetroCentre open on Saturday and Sunday?

Following Government guidance, as of Monday 12th April, Metrocentre will be open for non-essential shopping, and some cafes and restaurants will be open for takeaway only. The centre’s opening hours are 9am-9pm Monday to Friday, 9am-7pm Saturday, 11am-5pm Sunday.

How long has MetroCentre been in the UK?

The UK’s original ‘mega-mall’, shoppers have been surprised, excited and inspired by Metrocentre for over 30 years. We’ve never stopped re-inventing what it means to be a leading shopping and leisure destination.