What Should I Feed My English Staffy?

What Should I Feed My English Staffy?

Top food recommendations for Adult Staffies

  • Advance Adult Terriers Ocean Fish.
  • Royal Canin Medium Adult.
  • Open Farm Catch of the Season Whitefish.
  • Canidae Grain Free Pure Sea.
  • Advance Puppy Growth All Breed.
  • Royal Canin Puppy Medium.
  • Eukanuba Puppy All Breed.
  • Holistic Select Salmon, Anchovy and Sardine.

Are English Staffies hard to train?

As a highly intelligent breed, Staffies can be a little stubborn to train at times and require a consistent and strong leader to take the lead. Making sure your dog is very behaved and well-trained is a great way to show off how wonderful this breed is.

What two dogs make a Staffordshire Bull Terrier?

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a British breed of short-haired terrier of medium size. It originated in the Black Country of the English Midlands. It is the direct descendant of the bull and terrier cross-bred from the Old English Bulldog and the Old English Terrier.

How many times a day should you walk a Staffy?

How much exercise does a Staffordshire Bull Terrier need? Staffies tend to have bags of energy and will gladly accompany their owner on as many as 3 walks a day. As a minimum, your Staffie will need 2 walks a day with some energy-filled playtime in the middle.

What is the best food to feed my staffy pup?

Best Staffy Puppy Food – Reviews

  • Wellness CORE Dog, Dry Grain-Free Food, Puppy Turkey & Chicken.
  • Harrington’s Puppy Food Complete Rich In Turkey and Rice.
  • Lily’s Kitchen Puppy Chicken and Salmon Complete Dry Dog Food.
  • Lily’s Kitchen Puppy Chicken Complete Wet Dog Food.

Can Staffies eat raw meat?

As long as your dog’s diet fulfills their daily needs for energy, vitamins and minerals without irritating any allergies or issues, any diet should be good for them. If your staffy does suffer from any kind of digestion or inflammation problem, switching to a raw diet may prove beneficial.

How hard is it to train a Staffy?

Staffies can be extremely energetic and stubborn so trying to train them to do anything may require quite a bit of effort. In response to your staffy’s stubbornness, it’s important to give them a lot of positive reinforcement when trying to train them.

How do you train an English Staffy?


  1. Build a Relationship. What better way to start your relationship then with hand feeding your staffy.
  2. Crate. I love crates for dogs to sleep in at night and for some time out during the day.
  3. Housing. Make sure its safe and secure.
  4. Start NOW.
  5. Socialise.
  6. Be a Leader.
  7. Create Calmness.

Is a Staffordshire terrier the same as a pitbull?

Generally speaking, the American Staffordshire terrier is nearly the same breed as the American pit bull terrier. Today, the main difference is in appearance. The American Staffordshire terrier is bred in part for AKC conformation and conforms to a stricter standard, particularly in size range.

How much exercise do Staffies need daily?

Your Staffordshire Bull Terrier will need a minimum of an hour exercise every day. This should be split into a few walks with time in a secure area to run and play off lead.