What sizes do tubular latches come in?

What sizes do tubular latches come in?

Tubular Latch Sizes

  • The Tubular Latch Sizes come in five industry-standard lengths: 64mm, 76mm, 102mm, 127mm, and 152mm. These are the measurement of the overall size of the latch case, each of these sizes has it’s own unique ‘Backset.’ measurement.
  • 64mm = 45mm.
  • 76mm=56mm.
  • 102mm = 82mm.
  • 127mm=107mm.
  • 152mm = 130mm.

How are Mortice latches measured?

On most interior door handles you will find a tubular mortice latch. These sizes are the overall length of the latch, or the case. When measured to the spindle mechanism, the backset, then they translate as 44mm for the 65mm case and 57mm for the 76mm case.

What is the backset on a tubular mortice latch?

Almost ALL domestic mortice locks and tubular latches are supplied with either a 44mm or 57mm backset length. These equate to case sizes of 2.1/2″ or 3″ in imperial measurements. Commercial (DIN) lockcases are 60mm backset.

Are door latches standard size?

Choosing Latches For Your Door Handles or Knobs The most common size has a casing which is 63mm in depth and the distance to the middle of the square operating spindle is 44mm. This size of latch is used for the majority of lever handles on back plates, where the width of the back plate is about 40-45mm.

What is the case size on a mortice lock?

Standard Case Depth sizes are 64mm (2.5″) and 76mm (3″) and standard Lock backset sizes are 44mm and 57mm, a 50mm case size is also available for doors with a narrow stile or aluminium doors. Other lock measurements although important are not so critical, these include Case Height, Forend Length and Width.

How do I know what size door lock I need?

You can work out the size of the lock by measuring the distance from the edge of the door to the centre of the door handle or knob. This measurement will give you the approximate size of the backset which will allow you to identify which size lock or latch you have.

How do you measure a Mortice lock backset?

You can measure the mortice locks by measuring the backset and the centre. It is also advised you measure the case width and height and the forend length and width. Backset – The backset is measured through measuring from the centre of the keyhole to the forend of the mortice lock.

Are all door latches the same?

In the United States, there are two common backsets for residential door locks: 2 3/8 inches and 2 3/4 inches. Pack your locks with a 2-3/8-inch or 2-3/4-inch latch, depending on which backset you specify.

How do you measure for a new door lock?

Measure from the outside edge of the door (including furniture) to the centre of your door. This is dimension A and is called the External Size to Centre. Next, measure from the inside edge of your door (including furniture) to the centre of your door to find dimension B, the Internal Size to Centre.