What sizes do window well covers come in?

What sizes do window well covers come in?

Bubble Window Well Cover

Cover Size Choose an option 38″ x 17″ 43″ x 14″ 43″ x 18″ 43″ x 21″ 46″ x 14″ 62″ x 24″ 68″ x 24″
Bubble Height Choose an option 15″ 16″ 19″ 24″ 20″ Clear

Are window well covers required?

Although not required, window well covers are especially important if the space around the ground level opening is along a walkway or near a children’s play area. Window well covers, however, can block sunlight, ventilation and emergency egress, especially if they become covered in snow and ice.

How do you cover basement window wells?

Simpler coverings can be made out of wire stretched across a frame, or light plastic. The wire fencing can be used to keep out most debris and keep window wells safe for children and animals, while light plastic stretched on a hoop of pipe or wire can protect against rain at a moment’s notice.

Are window well covers a standard size?

Size. The horizontal area of the window well needs to be a minimum of nine square feet, with a minimum horizontal projection and vertical width of 36 inches. Given the math involved, some homeowners may expect the dimensions to be the toughest part of installing a window well.

What is the average cost of window well covers?

Most homeowners spend between $414 to $680 nationally. Get free estimates from local contractors who can Install a Window Well Cover….$414. to. $680.

National Average Cost $605
Maximum Cost $1,500
Average Range $414 to $680

How much does a basement window well cost?

The cost to install an egress window in your basement runs $100 to $250 per window, not including materials. This range assumes the room has an available opening of the correct size, with an existing well. Window well replacement costs $500 to $2,000.

Why do you need window well covers?

There are the obvious reasons to invest in window well covers: protection from the elements, animals, the beauty of natural light , and the attractive quality of the bubbles that bring elegance to a home. Some local building codes require them as does homeowner’s insurance.

Do I need window well covers?

For all of these goals, you’ll need a snugly fitted window well cover. A window well doesn’t offer much help, for example, if rain and snow can collect inside it. Window Well Covers and Safety. Window well covers are also important for the safety of you and your family.

What is a window well cover?

Window well cover. A window well cover is a sheet of material manufactured to fit over the top of an exposed window well to cover the well and basement window. Its purpose is to prevent accidental falls inside the window well and to prevent buildup of water, snow, and debris in the window well which could lead to basement flooding.

What is a well cover?

A window well cover is a piece of some type of material that is designed to fit over the window well of a basement window (Source). The purpose of basement window well covers is to prevent falls into the basement window well as well as to prevent buildup of water, snow, or other debris in the basement window well (Source).