What towns are in South Waikato District?

What towns are in South Waikato District?

It is located between the cities of Hamilton to the north, Rotorua to the east, Taupō to the south and Ruapehu District to the west. The seat of the South Waikato District Council is at Tokoroa, the biggest town. The other main towns are Putāruru, Tīrau and Arapuni.

Which District is Tokoroa in?

South Waikato District

Tokoroa Te Kaokaoroa o Pātetere (Māori)
District South Waikato District
Population (June 2020)
• Total 14,300
Postcode(s) 3420

What council is tirau?

The South Waikato District lies at the heart of the North Island of New Zealand. State Highway 1 runs through three of our main towns – Tokoroa, Putaruru and Tirau. The Council has a main office in Tokoroa, a second office in Putaruru, and the Information Centre in Tirau acts as an agent.

What level is Tokoroa?

All of New Zealand (except Auckland and parts of the Waikato) is now at Alert Level 2. Auckland and parts of the Waikatoremain at Alert Level 3. Please visit this link for the boundary map and address search facility. Offices in Tokoroa, Putāruru, The Dog in Tīrau are open at Alert Level 2.

Is tokoroa a good place to live?

Tokoroa has been called the “home of affordable homes”. That’s hardly surprising when you consider that the average house price is just $225.000. Tokoroa has all the amenities you’ll find in larger centres while retaining the relaxed community atmosphere of a classic New Zealand town.

What is the population of Tirau?

Tīrau is a small town in the Waikato region of the North Island of New Zealand, 50 kilometres southeast of Hamilton. The town has a population of 804 (2018 census).

Is Tokoroa a good place to live?

What is Tokoroa postcode?

Tokoroa/Zip codes

What does Level 3 mean for Auckland?

At Alert Level 3, travel is restricted and only allowed for permitted movement in your local area — for example going to work or school if you need to, shopping or getting exercise. If you are leaving Auckland, you may need to get a COVID-19 test to cross the boundary for personal travel.

Is Waikato going into Level 3?

Upper Northland, Auckland, and parts of Waikato are at Alert Level 3.

What is tokoroa known for?

Tokoroa is the hub of New Zealand’s massive forestry, timber and pulp and paper industries.

Is tirau a good place to live?

Called the “Corrugated Capital of the World”, Tirau is more than just a popular tourist destination. It’s a great place to live too – with a strong community, house prices that are far less than those in the main centres, and an easy commute to Hamilton, Tauranga and Rotorua.

Where can I find South Waikato District Council?

To view South Waikato District Council Open Data Portal click here. In addition, you can use the link below to access Waikato Data Portal. It is a public platform where the Waikato councils share data.

When did the Waikato District Plan come out?

Waikato Regional Council information. The Waikato District Council District Plan is has been produced under the Resource Management Act 1991, and has been distributed to allow better public access to the data underlying the Plan.

Where does the Waikato River catchment data come from?

The data was sourced from Waikato Regional Council (Iwi – Waikato River Co-Management Areas) and is saved in its entirety., refer to Iwi Co-management Areas. Waikato River Catchment is a view of the intersection between the Co Management Area and the Waikato District Territorial Authority.

Who is the owner of Waikato maps?

Waikato Maps is owned by Waikato Regional Council. It provides a suite of maps that give fast access to a range of Waikato regional information. Waikato CDEM Group Public Information Map is owned by Waikato Civil Defence Emergency Management Group.