What was Sir George-Etienne Cartier known for?

What was Sir George-Étienne Cartier known for?

After rebelling against the government in the Rebellions of 1837–38, Cartier served as Canada’s first minister of militia and defence. Arguably the kingpin of Confederation, he was responsible for bringing French Canada, Manitoba and British Columbia into the Dominion.

Where did George Etienne Cartier live?

George-Étienne Cartier was born in Saint-Antoine-sur-le-Richelieu, Quebec, on September 6, 1814. His family had inhabited this village for three generations, and were shopkeepers. George-Étienne was given primary education at home by his mother.

Did George Etienne Cartier have a wife?

Hortense Fabrem. 1846–1873
George-Étienne Cartier/Wife

What did Cartier do for Confederation?

Surely the greatest contribution of Cartier to his country was the entry of Canada East (Quebec) into the Confederation. Following the rebellions in 1837/1838 and the Durham Report, Upper and Lower Canada were merged into a single colony.

Did George Étienne Cartier have kids?

Hortense Cartier
Reine-Victoria CartierJosephine Cartier
George-Étienne Cartier/Children

Were John A Macdonald and George Etienne Cartier friends?

Macdonald’s 201st birthday. To mark the occasion, I thought I would explore his friendship with Sir George Étienne Cartier. The two were both Fathers of Confederation, but were once actually on opposing sides in Canadian politics for a period of time.

Where did the great coalition take place?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Great Coalition was a grand coalition of political parties that brought the two Canadas together (Canada East and Canada West) in 1864. The previous collapse after only three months of a coalition government formed by George-Étienne Cartier and Conservative John A.

Did George-Étienne Cartier have kids?

How did Cartier and Macdonald work as partners of Confederation?

The two men worked as co-Premiers of the Province of Canada. Given that Macdonald and Cartier held support from Canada West and Canada East respectively, their alliance gave them the majorities needed for their government to work.

What did Sir George Etienne Cartier do for a living?

Sir George-Étienne Cartier Facts. Sir George-Étienne Cartier (1814-1873) was a Canadian statesman who led French Canada into the federation of British North America in 1867. George-Étienne Cartier was born in Saint-Antoine, Lower Canada, on Sept. 6, 1814. He studied at St Sulpice College, Montreal, in preparation for a legal career.

When was George Etienne Cartier defeated in Montreal East?

Federally, Cartier represented Montreal East following the conclusion of Canada’s first election on 20 September 1867. At the next federal election in August 1872, he was defeated by Louis-Amable Jetté while seeking a second term in Montreal East in the face of the Pacific Scandal.

Is the Cartier family related to the discoverer of Canada?

Cartier’s family made no claim to have descended from the discoverer of Canada, who had no children, but they were content to believe, without seeking proof, that a distant ancestor had been a younger brother of the Saint-Malo navigator; they were wrong, although he may have belonged to the same family.

What was the name of George Cartier’s wife?

By his marriage, which was solemnized on 16 June 1846 in the church of Notre-Dame at Montreal, Cartier had become allied to an excellent bourgeois family of Montreal. He had married Hortense Fabre, who was born on 28 Feb. 1828.