What was the cut off of CMAT 2020?

What was the cut off of CMAT 2020?

CMAT 2022 Cut Off: 80th Percentile and Above

Branch 2020 Cut Off (Percentile) 2020 Cut Off (Marks)
Xavier Business School (XBS), St Xavier’s University, Kolkata 85 216
GLIM Gurgaon: Great Lakes Institute of Management 85 216
N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai 85 216

Is 70 percentile good in CMAT?

A: About 90 + percentile is considered a good score in CMAT. All the popular colleges accepting CMAT such as JBIMS, GIM Goa, KJ Somaiya Institute of Management, SIMSREE, GLIM Chennai, PUMBA and XISS Ranchi select students having above 95 percentile in CMAT.

What is a good percentile in CMAT?

CMAT cut offs of top MBA colleges accepting the exam score are usually around 95 to 99 percentile every year. Not much change in the CMAT exam cut offs has been witnessed in the past few years.

How can I get 70 percentile in CMAT?

Find out the MBA colleges, PDGM institutes and b-schools that offer admission to candidates with 60 to 70 percentile in CMAT 2021….MBA Colleges Accepting 60 to 70 Percentile in CMAT 2021.

College AIMS Institute of Management Studies (AIMS)
Location Pune
Expected CMAT Cutoff 70 Percentile
Approx. Course Fee INR 5,49,000

How do I read my CMAT score card?

How is CMAT Score Calculated?

  1. For each correct answer 4 marks will be allotted.
  2. For each incorrect answer -1 mark will be deducted.
  3. There is no negative marking for unanswered question.
  4. The total score will be calculated by totaling marks gained or lost in each question.

What is the total score of CMAT 2021?

The candidate with 345 – 350 marks is expected to score 100 percentile in 2021. Similarly, the CMAT score for 99 to 99.99 percentile in 2021 is expected in the range of 285 to 340 marks….Register Now for Latest Update – Don’t miss it.

MBA college Fee Application Status
SKIPS Ahmedabad Rs. 4.26 Lakhs Open | Apply Now

What is the cutoff score for the CMAT?

Top-notch for the top b-schools accepting CMAT scores, candidates must have a minimum score of 270 in order to qualify for the cutoff of CMAT 2021. Check the list of top b-schools and their cutoff based on the previous year’s cutoff.

Which is all universities will be accepting CMAT 2022?

Answer: Candidates must have a score between 282-347 to score 99 percentile or above. Question: Which all universities will be accepting CMAT 2022? Answer: All AICTE approved departments/institutes/affiliated colleges/ constitutes colleges will be accepting CMAT scores.

What are the reservations for the top CMAT colleges?

Reservations: The reservations are 15%, 7.5%, 27%, 5% and 50.5% for SC, ST, OBC (NC), PwD and Gen respectively. Based on the data given for CMAT 2021, you can get an idea of the data for this year. Cutoff marks, fee structure, and admission procedure for top CMAT colleges have been tabulated below:

What is the cut off for MBA admission?

The expected CMAT cut off to get admission in top MBA colleges will be around 95 to 99 percentile. CMAT Result 2021 has been released on April 9 and the official cut offs by various colleges are expected soon. The candidate who scores above CMAT cutoff marks is eligible to participate in the further selection process.